Cell C Call Back: How to Send a Please Call Me on Cell C

Sending a please call me back message to your family and friends is something you wouldn’t want to shy away from, especially when you run out of airtime. It could be a lifesaver when in need, as it has proven to be many times already. Therefore, it’s imperative to know the Cell C Call Back code and how to place a call me back message when needed. This article will enlighten you about such and lots more.

What is Cell C Please Call Me?

The Cell C Please Call Me, which is universally known and used by South Africans, is a concept that allows you to send an SMS to another customer using the same network. The free SMS is requesting they call you back simply because you’re short of airtime to Call Back or want to save the little one you have left.

The Cell C network allows you to send seven free Please Call Me messages daily, and once this is exhausted, you can’t send any more SMS. This is necessary because many people tend to abuse the opportunity. Many send untold please call me back messages to another, thinking the receiver is loaded with much airtime. This can be annoying and maybe despised by others if unguided.

This please call me service may also be a marketing tool for the South African telecommunication provider. This is so because they get to attach a product/service advert with every SMS sent to a recipient through it. Seeing that other things will be bundled into using this service, it’s only advisable to use Cell C call me back SMS only when you’re stranded, so your call me back requests don’t constitute a nuisance to the receiver.

How to Send a Please Call Me on Cell C

There are two ways to send a please call me on Cell C number to another Cell C number. The two methods are listed below, and how to get through;

Send Cell C Call Back Using Mobile App

By following the instructions below, you’ll learn how to send a please call me back SMS using the mobile application.

  • On the app, log in to your profile account
  • Head on to the ‘Send Free SMS’ option and click on it
  • If you’re not registered on the platform, click on register and follow the simple instructions to create an account. Then repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • This option offers you 5 free Cell C to Cell C SMSs per day.

Send Cell C Call Back Using the Code

The Cell C Call Me Back USSD code is one of the several Cell C USSD codes the telecom network has to make its services easily accessible to its customers. Here’s how to use the USSD code for a call me back.

  • Dial *111*receiver’snumber # on your mobile device. The number belongs to the person you’re sending the please call me back SMS to.
  • You can also dial *123# to send the please call me back SMS.
  • The person will receive the message requesting them to call you back.
  • This option allows you to send 7 free SMSs to another Cell C number.

Another thing you need to understand is that you can even personalize your call me back SMS. The Cell C network provider allows you to do that. That way, the person you’re sending the please call me back message can easily identify it’s coming from you. To do so

  • Dial *111*1# on your mobile device
  • Follow the instructions displayed on your screen
  • From the options provided, choose 1
  • Enter your name, the one known by the receiver, and press OK
  • With these steps, the person you’re sending the message to know it’s coming from your end and directed personally to them.

What is Cell C Call Back Code Number?

The Cell C Call Back number as stated above is *111*recipient’s number#. You can also dial *123# on your mobile and send you please call me back SMS, and the person on the other end will get the message. For personalized messages, the code is *111*1#.

What is the Cost of Sending a Cell C Call Back?

So long as you’re a customer on the telecommunication network, you’re entitled to 5 free Please call me back SMSs daily to another Cell C network. However, once this number is exhausted and the receiver on the other end seems not to be responding, you may need to load some Cell C airtime and place a voice call straight-off to the person you want to speak to if you think your need is urgent.

How to Block a Cell C Line from Sending or Receiving a Call Back

As earlier said, sending or receiving a please call me back SMS can be annoying sometimes. And maybe for one reason or the other, you want to block a Cell C number from sending an SMS to you, or you want to completely avoid sending any. This shouldn’t work you out. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

  • Save the Cell C number on your phone if not amongst your contacts
  • Download the Call Blocking Application from Google Playstore. One application you can download is the blacklist app, which allows you to block any incoming message or call on your contact list.

Another way to achieve this is to notify the Cell C customer agent personnel to blacklist the number. To do this, call the Customer Care center on 135 or 084-135. You can also speak to the agent to opt-out of the service. That is, to stop your number from sending a call-back message.

Can a Cell C Call Back be Sent to Another Network?

The Cell C Call Back SMS can only be sent to another person using the same network. For you to send to a different network, you’ll incur some charges fee, meaning it is not a free service, unlike what it is when sending the same request to another Cell C phone number.

As you can see, there are different ways to send please call me back SMS. Once you have data, you can log on to the app and send it online or stick to the code. Whichever option you choose, make sure to use it wisely.


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