Celebs Weigh In On Doom Insecticide-Spraying Prophet


Everyone was left in shock after reports of the Doom insecticide-spraying prophet emerged on the internet.

The prophet who goes by the name Lethebo Rabalago, from the Mountzion General Assembly in Limpopo was reportedly using Doom insect killer to heal people.

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Prophet Lethebo of Mount Zion General Assembly was captured on camera, spraying Doom on some members of his congregation. This was done in the name of casting out demons. Pictures from the church went viral and got a lot of tongues wagging.

Consequently, celebs added their voices to the long list of people who criticised the activities of the so-called prophet.

Taking to Instagram, Skhumba condemned the prophet’s method of healing people. He also questioned the mentality of the congregation who allows someone to use such substance on them. “Ok jokes aside and let’s just be serious….. is this even allowed?” he wrote.

“How desperate are we as a country to even allow a priest, prophet or who ever we believe in to do this to us…. from, grass to petrol, to being kicked in the stomach and all that nonsense.”

The comedian tagged the Doom insect killer-spraying prophet as “crazy”. He also wondered how he got to convince people that he can help them in this weird way.

“What happened to a good old prayer? I don’t go to church and I ain’t judging anyone, but being sprayed by Doom is just crazy now. Never good people… why do we even believe that this guys will help us [with] Doom?”

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Meanwhile, outspoken radio personality Gareth Cliff also shared his opinions on Instagram. He wrote; “Courtesy of ‘Prophet’ Dickface, its Jesus Juice 2.0. Be careful out there, credulous people.”

Below are other opinions on the Doom insecticide-spraying prophet from high-profile personalities;