Any Celebrity Outfit That Isn’t Crazier Than What We Have Here Wouldn’t Startle Anybody In 2016


Year in, year out the world is sure to record some events that will stir up some controversies and talks here are there. There will always be something to fuss about every year and among the happenings that generates the excessive display of anxious attention, needless and unmeaningful bustle, is the outfits celebrities will show up with on some red carpet occasions and award events.

As we’re fast approaching 2016, you can regard this piece as an upfront info about what to expect from them celebrities. Some (most) of them will surly try to get our attention with some outrageous outfit. I know, it’s a free world and we can’t tell anyone what or what not to wear. However, any celebrity outfit that isn’t crazier than these craziest outfit of 2015, wouldn’t startle anybody next year.

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1. Any 2016 Jingling Outfit Must Be More Outrageous Than Miley Cyrus’ Jingle Attire At The VMAs

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards got everyone uncomfortable with her jingling outfit. And long after the event, her attire at the occasion was a subject for public discuss. That must not happen in 2016, we must disregard every jingling wear that doesn’t exceed the outrageousness of the grossly offensive Miley Cyrus’ jingle attire at the VMAs.

2. Any 2016 Ridiculous Basket-dress In Grammy Must Exceed The Absurd Joy Villa’s Attire at The Grammys  

Joy Villa

While we anticipated and waited for Grammy to come around this year, Joy Villa schemed to stun us in a very indecent way with her absurd basket-gown. Any celebrity intending to stun us as such come 2016, must come up with a more vulgar basket-gown.

3. The 2016 Met Gala “Shield Dress” must be crazier than Solange Knowles’ Shining Armor Dress


Well, the Met Gala event was meant to benefit a museum of art and costume. Beyonce’s sister must have been thinking the event is a chance to display herself. We noticed her, but must not notice any of such shining armor dress worn by any celebrity come 2016.

4. Every Strap-outfit Must Not Be Outwitted By Talia’s Unconventional MTV EMAs Strap Attire


The MTV Europe Music Awards gave Talia the chance to offend the generally accepted standards of dressing. She got us sharing and commenting on her pictures from the event on social sites. If we must be tasked as such in 2016, the offending strap attire must be distasteful, immodest, indecorous, indelicate, coarse, outrageous, rude, gross, obscene, filthy, lewd and licentious all in a go. 

5. If a Heavy Load Has to Depress the Hands, It Ought To Be Heavier Than Lady Gaga’s EMAs After Party Attire

Lady Gaga.jpg3We must not look twice at any celebrity with a heavy load of her dress weighing down her hands in 2016. If we must, it out to be heavier, more ridiculous and more depressing than what we saw Lady Gaga carrying at the Emmy Awards after party at Los Angeles.

6. More Ropes Must Be Used In A Dress For The 2016 American Music Awards

Jennifer-LopezMore ropes must be used for any attire that will get our attention in 2016’s America Music Awards. Such attire must be more preposterous than what Jennifer Lopez has here.

7. All Freaky Octopus Outfits Should Be Freakier Than Z LaLa’s Outfit At The American Music Awards

Z LaLaAlso, we’ve seen the octopus dress at the American Music Awards. Thanks to Z lala. It’ll be boring and uninteresting to witness similar attire in 2016. Them celebrities must be creative, they should probably try turtle dressing or any other outfit that will be freakier than the freakiest celebrity outfit of 2015. Something super weird. That’s the only way we’ll again, be startled.   

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