Shocking! CCTV Footage Emerges Of Alleged Malema’s Assault


Malema has stirred the media once again; this time around; in a physical and verbal confrontation involving him and Cassie Moller which took place at 2:45 am on the 6th of August. This happened in a Limpopo fast food outlet. AfriForum, the Civil rights organization has publicly made available the CCTV footage covering the incident. The deputy chief executive of AfriForum also informed reporters in Pretoria that Malema was involved in a confrontation with Cassie Moller at the counter of the Limpopo fast food outlet in a sworn statement.

Responding to the recently released information, Malema, the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters says he was in the moment when he was caught on CCTV footage having an altercation and “attending to a bully” and that he hopes to make an explanation of what has happened. You can watch the video below but please note that the footage does not have audio.

When Moller was asked to account for what had happened, he said: “While I was looking in front of me, I felt a heavy slap on my back,”

“When I turned around, there was a person standing very close to me and who asked me in a very hostile way: ‘Who do you think you are?’ ”

“He started telling us ‘get out, get out’ and he called me a ‘boer’ again. His tone of voice clearly showed his intention to use the word in a derogatory manner,” said Moller.

Cassie went on to say “Malema continued to push me around and I continued to explain that I just wanted to ask for a refund and go home. I noticed that more people started flocking together and I became panic-stricken”.

He said that he had asked the staff of the fast food outlet at 02:45 why an order for a hamburger that was placed by his wife at 02:29 was taking long and that he was asking for a refund as there was no evidence that the order was going to be delivered when Malema walked in, accompanied by a group of several other men who surrounded him and his wife.

“I was especially concerned for my wife because I would not have been in a position to protect her from the group of men. It was a very intimidating situation.”

Moller said Malema became increasingly aggressive.

“He started shouting louder and swore at me in the words ‘fuck you, you boer. Fuck you’.”

“He also said ‘I will fuck you up!’ He then pushed me hard.”

Ernst Roets, AfriForum deputy chief executive has said that criminal charges of assault, intimidation and crimen injuria will be brought against Julius Malema; the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters for allegedly assaulting a Limpopo man and that this has been opened at the Tzaneen police station on Thursday in Limpopo where the incident occurred and that the 2 months delay in laying the charges was as a result of challenges they faced in getting the CCTV footage.

“He said he is particularly vexed and angry about the fact that he experienced a matter with a politician abusing his power,” Roets told reporters in Pretoria.

“He views it as a matter of a politician feeling as being above the law,” Roets said of Moller.

“If you are famous and you enter a restaurant and push someone around, there will be consequences.”

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