Caught In The Act: 20 Shocking Photos Of Bold Daylight Looting In South Africa


To say that the situation on the xenophobic violence has degenerated to a state of dry bones is like stating the obvious. Africans are left to wonder if this is the same South Africa that the great Madiba held together for so long and succeeded in making a rainbow nation. As the locals have vowed not to stop until every Foreign National is booted out of South Africa and their possessions divided as an inheritance among the locals, the looting rampages have become a thing fun for them.

As the violence rages, locals have seized the opportunity of the fear that made foreigners desert their shops to loot as many shops as they can find without fear or mercy. This seems to be the actual root cause of all the violence in the first place. The inhuman acts of the looting were caught on camera to the surprise of the entire world. The photos you are about to see will leave you speechless but then a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Shocking Photos Of Bold Daylight Looting In South Africa

Man runs off with looted goods from a foreigners deserted shop in Soweto

A man looks on as he runs with items from a shop believed to be owned by a foreigner, in Soweto

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Women looting shops in Soweto


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People look on without any disapproval as foreigners goods are carted away


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Locals push a freezer stolen from a foreigner’s shop in Mohlakeng, west of Johannesburg


 They’ve been planning a party but there was no money for booze, now its free. 


Looters make off with goods from a store in Soweto

South Africa Riots

Xenophobic thieves carry a fridge taken from a foreign-owned shop in White City, Soweto.


Why use a shopping cart when they could use a car to take as many carts as possible


Stealing with a child strapped to your back is not such a bright idea. 


Shamefully, elders who are supposed to talk sense into the younger ones are equally participating in the looting. 


Locals carry soft drinks in crates after looting them from a shop, believed to be owned by a foreigner in Mohlakeng.


A group of young men drag a steel gate taken from a spaza shop in Diepkloof, That’s how bad it has gotten. 


Looting in Guateng


People dash to the stores for a free shopping experience


Drinks alone dint seem to be enough, tomatoes had to go too. 


Its a free booze day, drink as much as you can and loot what you cannot drink. Shameless


Playing promo with foreigners’ hard earned possessions. If you catch it, its yours to keep. 


Man drags home a bed he could obviously never afford. All thanks to Xenophobia, he could loot it. 

loot 1

Children have learnt from their looting elders and are carting away stolen goods right across the ever watching eyes of a poster of Madiba


Men still looting in Soweto


The police may not be guilty of looting, but they are guilty of looking the other way


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