South Africans Teach Scottish Athlete Not To Mess With Mzansi Golden Girl Caster


Still on #HandsOffCaster, South Africans have taught Scottish 800m runner Lynsey Sharp to not mess with Mzansi’s golden girl Caster Semenya.

Disgruntled about the outcome of the final stage of the woman’s 800m at the Rio Olympics yesterday, Sharp cried her eyes out. She lamented on how “difficult” it was to compete against Caster Semenya who won the race.

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Apparently, Sharp brought her ‘A’ Game to the tracks but only managed to finish 6th during the race.

Meanwhile, Semenya’s hyperandrogenism sparked off some controversy during the Rio games. The 25-year-old South African was born with her testosterone levels higher than the average woman. Thus, she is perceived to have a good amount of physical advantage over her counterparts.

Also, the International Athletics Federation has made a move to restrict hyperandrogenic athletes from competing. However, the Court for Arbitration in Sports gave the federation two years to prove how much of a benefit these athletes have.

Meanwhile, Sharp who finished nearly two-and-a-half seconds behind Semenya, said;

“I have tried to avoid the issue all year.

“It is out of our control and how much we rely on people at the top sorting it out. The public can see how difficult it is with the change of rule but all we can do is give it our best.”

Following her remarks, South Africans quickly rallied around their golden girl. Below are some of the Twitter lessons they taught Sharp.

Melanie Webb tweeted: “So cry baby #LynseySharp would have come 5th instead of 6th if Caster wasn’t racing? SMH (shaking my head).”

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On a picture Sharp posted of herself in an ice bath before the final, @Burgerboxx wrote: “Is that bath filled with sour grapes?”

@zchamu tweeted “literally wants another woman to be drugged so that she’ll be slower. OK THEN”

@RachelIBROwen gaev Sharp a rude awakening by tweeting: “You came sixth love one woman hardly stole your medal x”

However, Sharp later posted on Twitter: “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Caster. Media and politics should not distract from her performance. When asked on live TV, I felt I gave an honest answer.”

But South Africans will not have it this way as they demanded that an apology be rendered to Semenya.