Why Minnie Dlamini Still Got Cassper Tripping


Despite professing undying love for Boity, Cassper Nyovest seems to be harboring his crush on actress and TV personality Minnie Dlamini.

Though beautiful Minnie prefers to remain friends, Cassper still has high hopes that one day, he will steal Minnie’s heart.

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From the answer he gave when asked what he’s looking for in a woman during a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday, Cassper revealed he’s still crushing on Minnie.

And from all indications, if he can’t get Minnie, then he would like to go for someone like her.

His answer was a list of characteristics he sees in Minnie. At the end he admitted that he is basically looking for Minnie Dlamini as a woman.

This did not come as a surprise as Cassper has always made it clear that he adores Minnie Dlamini.

The rapper used a series of Snapchat videos to express his admiration for beautiful South African women especially Minnie.

“For real though. South African women are so f**king beautiful. Did you guys see Nomzamo Mbatha’s new cover. My God. Nomzamo Mbatha is so hot. You have no words to say. You just…”

He listed a lot of South African beauties and still landed on Minnie.

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“Ai. But Minnie Dlamini boys. I still think Minnie. Hey, yo, Minnie. If ever, you know, you tryna…,” he laughed.

“Bottom line is South African girls are hot. I’ve travelled a bit and we’ve got the most beautiful women in the world.”

Since his breakup with Boity Thulo earlier this year, Cassper has openly been checking out girls on the social media platform.

Sometimes, he would post sneaky pics of girls he has a thing for.

Meanwhile, during the Twitter Q&A, the rapper hinted that he will always love Boity.

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