‘Beyoncé of Burundi’: Cassper Launches Hunt For Internet Sensation Audrey Iteriteka


Audrey Iteriteka who is popularly known as “Beyoncé of Burundi” became an internet sensation after a video of her singing Halo by Beyoncé went viral.

Subsequently, the 18-year-old high school student from Burundi has become a social media favourite. She’s also referred to as “the biggest musical phenomenon that the country has ever seen”.

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In the video that brought her to the spotlight, Audrey sat in a sparsely furnished schoolhouse and sang an a capella rendition of the song that will absolutely knock blow your mind. Apparently, the orphan agreed to record the song for her friend who needed a souvenir because she was leaving for another part of the country.

She sang so beautifully that the video spread all over the world with people acknowledging her rare talent.

Watch the video here;

And in case you are wondering what her future as a singer would look like considering her background, then you ought to know that a lot of big shots in the industry including Cassper Nyovest have launched a search for her. After seeing the video of Audrey Iteriteka singing Halo by Beyoncé, Cassper Nyovest says he wants to feature the gifted singer on his next album.

After coming across the video, Cassper tweeted, “Can someone please find me this woman!!!! My God!!! I need to put her on my album!!!

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Indeed, the young lady will go places with her sensational voice. Nevertheless, for Audrey, singing is so much more than entertainment. It really helped her conquer her emotional stress while living in the orphanage. Singing was her way of dealing with whatever life throws at her every day.

She usually sings for her own pleasure and never expected such publicity. However, she’s happy the world has come to acknowledge her voice and her beautiful country as well.

Here’s another one by Audrey Iteriteka – Beyoncé of Burundi;

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