Cassper And AKA Peace Hug: Both Rappers Played A Fast One On Us


Remember that Cassper and AKA peace hug? It was just a farce.

Apparently, it was just ‘a publicity stunt’ for the rappers and here we were, thinking the beef between them has been settled. Cassper confirmed this in a recent interview, claiming that the moment that seemed like the duo kissed and made up was just a “calculated” publicity stunt thought up by his rival (AKA) and he (Cassper) played along.

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The two rappers made our day when they were captured on camera sharing a hug in a nightclub after Cassper’s Fill Up Orlando Stadium show last year. For the most part, it looked as if their longtime feud had come to an end.

Nevertheless, Cassper has another outlook on that moment.

AKA Peace Hug

Speaking to Metro FM’s DJ Fresh at the launch of his third studio album Thuto, Cassper said that the peace hug was just a PR that he just rolled with. He knew what was going on and just went with the flow.

“I say on the album n****rs ask for forgiveness in public just for the PR. It was a well calculated move. In the morning I saw the tweets and I already knew what was going on. He wanted to come take a picture so everyone could see. I acted stupid but I knew what was going on so i smiled.”

In other words, that Cassper and AKA peace hug was indeed a bogus act.

“I let people play whatever they want to play. If you want to be fake, then do it. If it was genuine that we were cool, then we would have still been cool now because I still haven’t done anything wrong. But if you have a bitter heart it will come out, you will tweet these things,” Cassper said.

The rapper hinted that he would never work with AKA in the industry.

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“Never! Music, for me, is like making a kid together. We have to nurture this child together because we have a bond forever. So if I don’t trust you and people are always switching sides, I’ll never work with you. Especially not for money. I’d never compromise myself for money,” Cassper declared.

Both rappers have been at loggerheads for some years now and it looks like there’s no imminent end to their feud. It has gone from physical threats to diss tracks and Twitter insults and now they can’t even work together.


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