‘Cape Town Is Still In The Hands Of White Minority’ And Malema Is Set To Capture It


The Economic Freedom Fighters’s lord, Julius Malema says Cape Town is the ultimate prize for their fights and that the party will channel more strength towards capturing Cape Town.

Juju said it’s important for the EFF to take over and run the affairs of Cape Town as it is the only South African city which represents and remains a colony.

Speaking at the EFF’s first rally in Gugulethu  yesterday, Malema said capturing Cape Town is necessary as the city is not transformed.

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“It is still in the hands of the white minority. Whites rule here in Cape Town, we want to transform this place, but we can’t transform this place if we are not part of the municipality… If we can’t win over Cape Town, or ultimately the Western Cape, we must forget about black people’s land being returned, and black people reclaiming the economy of South Africa,” Malema stated.

According to Juju, you can touch, see and smell oppression in Western Cape. “The struggle for economic emancipation must begin, and must be entrenched here in the Western Cape because that’s where you can touch oppression, that’s where you can see oppression, that’s where you can smell oppression,” he said.

To ease his agenda of capturing Cape Town, he asked the people to go around and tell the rich white people that they want their land back.

“Don’t be apologetic…You are nothing without the land…There is too much land in the Western Cape, the problem is that it is owned by foreign people.

Mandela did not go to prison so that you can vote…He went to prison so that you can have land. They don’t undermine you because you are uneducated or do not have money, they undermine you because you have no property.

When we take over the province, we will expropriate it without compensation and give it to the people,” he charged.

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“There is a lot of money in Camps Bay” he went on. “The rich people must pay for water and electricity of poor people. The rich must be ashamed of being rich… Let those who benefited from apartheid contribute to the well-being of the poor, they are always saying sorry, well sorry is no longer enough,” Juju asserted.

He thereafter, made witty remarks about President Zuma, and called Mmusi Maimane a puppet. “Zille is the real leader; Maimane is just there to draw a salary. He must stop the white people from controlling him,” added Malema.

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