Cape Town Plans To Tackle Truck Congestion In The City


City of Cape Town has announced its intentions to promote a plan for night-time trucking and to bring up measures that will help in preventing road damage through overloaded trucks and the general public has been encouraged to air out their views on the matter.

The draft Freight Management Strategy aims at improving the efficiency and future growth of road-based transport of cargo‚ including to and from the port as well as the airport.

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Speaking on this, the city’s Transport Development Index (TDI) pointed out some issues they had encountered that led to their new propositions. Among its highlighted points are that:

  • The direct transport cost (fuel‚ salaries‚ maintenance and repairs‚ toll fees) for freight operators is R1‚755 billion per annum;
  • The cost of congestion for freight operators is R121 million per annum
  • The impact of freight transporters on Cape Town’s residents in terms of accidents is R930 million per annum
  • The impact of freight transporters on the city’s road network (capital expenditure and maintenance) is R713 million per annum

Cape town’s major freight generator – Port of Cape Town – had plans to expand to cover three times it’s current container handling services for the next 20 years‚ and this would require the city to address its capacity to accommodate this future growth.

It is further noted that much of the freight moving to and from Cape Town is transported along the N1‚ N2 and N7 and currently up to 20% of the vehicles on the N1 are heavy vehicles. Hence the new plan is set to cover the use of rail transport and to provide ways to implement innovative solutions to reduce the overall cost of doing business in Cape Town.

The plan will also see to it that perishable goods like fuels‚ industrial gases‚ agricultural chemicals and refrigerants are transported safely; Use weigh-in-motion devices that are designed to capture and record heavy vehicle axle weights and gross vehicle weights as they drive over a sensor as well as setting emissions standards and penalties for non-compliance for various categories of freight and establish a testing regime to check and enforce compliance among others.

Meanwhile, City Mayoral committee Member for Transport‚ Councillor Brett Herron, the statement said,would be formed and the general public are urged to make their comments on the plans. The draft strategy will be made available at libraries‚ sub-council offices and on the City’s website at from 19 February until 23 March 2016.

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