Cape Town’s Level 4 Water Restriction: 6 Strict Rules You Must Obey


In the bid to further reduce the rate of water wastage in the city, Cape town water management recommends a level 4 water restriction.

The new restriction will issue more strict measures residential water usage as residents are expected to receive a ban on all use of municipal water for outside and non-essential use.

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The newly recommended level 4 water restriction which would limit residents to 100 litres of water per person per day, will heavily affect many domestic activities that involve the use of water.

These include no car washing, watering of gardens, irrigation with municipal drinking water at all, and no new golf courses or sports fields to be built unless they will be watered with non-potable water.

Above all, there will be no unnecessary flushing of toilets.

Capetown’s water management came up with this new rule following the average dam level which is currently at 21.2%.

“The intensified restrictions also specifically makes reference to a limit of water use for this purposes to 100 litres per person per day. Don’t flush your toilets unnecessarily as 10 flushes will always be your entire water allocation for the day.”

The level 4 water restriction will come into effect from the first of June should the City Council approve the restrictions.

The new water rule is quite different from the level 3 restriction which allowed watering gardens by watering can for an hour on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The Level 4 restriction would also come with sanitation tips such as using old bath water to fill the toilet cistern and not flushing each time the toilet is used. The water restriction will only allow residents to use water only for drinking, cooking and essential washing, a city statement said.

“Every single drop that is wasted or saved is making a difference to our dam levels,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.

The city council and the Chief Magistrate will also have to approve the proposed fine for overuse but the fine will range between R1 000 and R5 000 for a spot fine.

Unfortunately, there is still an increase in consumption. We are sitting at 710ml of collective use per day. And that is obviously a result of the heat. As it gets hotter the people tend to consume more water, Xanthea Limberg further explained.

In sum, the Level 4 water restriction will include the following:

  • No watering or irrigation with municipal drinking water
  • Flush your toilets manually with buckets using grey water, rain water or other non-drinking water.
  • No irrigation with municipal water
  • No washing of vehicles, trailers, or caravans, or boats using municipal water
  • No topping of swimming pools at all, either manually or automatically.
  • Those using boreholes or treated effluent water, spring water or well points should not irrigate within 7 days after rainfall.

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Most importantly as part of level 4, all exemptions granted under level 2 or level 3 restriction are no longer applicable and have been revoked. So you need to make applications again.