Cape Town International Airport: Everything You Need To Know


Cape Town International airport is a world-class, award-winning gateway.

Offering both domestic and international flight services, Cape Town Airport is the second largest airport in South Africa and arguably the third most active in Africa.

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The airport is a one stop shop to many, as it offers direct flights from top airlines and destinations in the world.

The airport which is only 22km away from the city centre, offers a wide range of transportation options (Taxi’s, shuttle services and even your very own car rental) from the moment your bags are on the move.

History of Cape Town Airport

The ribbon of the Cape Town International Airport was cut in 1954 to replace the previous Wingfield Aerdome. The Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) is in charge of the operations and daily activities of the airport.

A few years ago, just before the FIFA 2010 world cup hosted in South Africa, some serious finance was invested in the expansion project of the airport, taking it to the next level.


This saw to a fully automated baggage handling system (able to process thirty thousand bags per hour), a central domestic & International connected terminal check-in and a fully functional website.

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The Cape Town international Airport website gives you access to all departure and arrival times, delays on flights, and flights that have just landed. The website even goes an extra mile, giving you the option of comparing or booking your tickets directly for various airlines and hotels.

What’s more? You can also book your parking space online via the website, with a view of the car park’s layout plan.

Cape Town Airport Facilities

Name it and the Cape Town Airport has got it! The Airport is a world of its own, you don’t need to move far from the airport to experience what Cape Town has to offer.

Your shopping can begin right away, there are various fashion outlets, retail stores, restaurants, fast food, hotels, banking facilities, just to list a few, all within and around the airport.

Just like most major international airports, it is advisable for travelers to arrive at the airport an hour before a domestic flight and three hours before international flights.

There is a drop-off zone at the upper level of the Central Terminal building and a pick-up zone at the ground floor. For those who enjoy the comfort of their automobile, the Cape Town Airport has you covered with its long-term parking facilities.

Cape Town Airport

The parking options at the airport comes with a price tag, depending on the option you go for. The charges are mainly directed for the maintenance and seamless services it wishes to offer.

As compared to various airports in Africa, I would have to say, parking is a serious problem. The Cape Town Airport has identified this area and is doing a good job at it.

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Unlike most airport pick and go parking areas, the Cape Town Airport offers passengers up to 30 minutes stay, as opposed to the hurried option of most.

This option also gives you the luxury of stepping out of your car in order to connect with your arriving guest. Like the name implies ‘pick and go’, be sure not to exceed the 30 minutes allocated to you, as this may attract extra charges.

Cape Town Airport Premium Lounges

There are various premium lounges available to passengers at an extra cost, which gives you access to free snacks, drinks and a few other amenities.

Premium lounges are preferred to public lounges, as you get that class and private treatment everyone loves when surrounded by an in/out flow of people. Here is the list of premium lounges available at the airport:

Cape Town Airport

  • 2 Bidvest Premier Premium Lounges.
  • 2 airside Premium Lounges.
  • The British Airways Terrace Lounges (Available to British Airways International and Comair passengers only).
  • South African Airways Premium Lounges.

Cape Town Airport Contact Directory

  • ACSA Helpdesk: +2721 937 1257
  • ACSA Switchboard: +27 21 937 1200
  • ACSA Client Service: +27 11 921 6822
  • ACSA Information Desk: +27 11 921 6262
  • Flight Information: +27 86 727 7888
  • Terminal Client Manager: +27 21 935 3903
  • ACSA Parking Management: +27 21 935 5700
  • SAPS (Airport Police): +27 21 927 2900
  • ACSA Crime Hotline: 0800 00 80 80 (Toll Free)
  • ACSA Special Needs Passenger Assistance: +27 21 935 3737
  • Baggage Wrapping and Storage: +27 72 384 2954
  • Cape Town Airport Postal Address:Private Bag x9002, Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town 7527.

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