ANC Councillor Blames Leadership For Petrol Bomb Attack


Terrified Cape Town ANC Councillor insinuated that his party’s leadership caused the petrol bomb attack on his house.

BuzzSouthAfrica learned that a petrol bomb was thrown at the ward Councillor’s house in Khayelitsha on Friday.

The Cape Town ANC Councillor related that he and his wife were asleep and were rudely awoken by a loud bang at about 01:30.

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“It’s definitely politically motivated,” he said. “The manner in which they handled the lists process is what led to this.

It sounded like something being thrown against a window. It could have done a lot of damage because that’s where we store firewood. My house could have been destroyed.

But luckily it landed in the old washing machine outside the house filled with old books, and the fire was contained there,” Councillor Amos Komeni narrated.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut confirmed this and divulged that no arrests have been made.

“The circumstances surrounding an arson case are being investigated after a fire damaged a washing machine outside a residence in Site B, Khayelitsha,” Traut commented.

Also commenting, ANC provincial spokesperson Yonela Diko condemned the attack saying it’s a “criminal and deliberate act” aimed at touching the Cape Town ANC Councillor’s house.

Diko said the outgoing ward councilor of Ward 93 “has been a very dedicated Councillor who has brought great changes in the area…Whatever unhappiness there may be with the process of choosing his successor, it has nothing to do with him.

The power to ratify ward Councillors resides with the PEC and national list committee and not with any individual,” stated the provincial spokesperson.

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“No individual has the power to make decisions on lists of Councillors,” he reiterated and disclosed that ANC’s provincial executive committee will visit the ward to understand the grievances of the people.