Three Minors Recorded And Posted Their Sexual Acts Online


The Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) has invited the South African Police Service (SAPS) to investigate some Cape teen sex-tape.

Three minors reportedly recorded their sexual acts and posted it online.

Wailing that the act could constitute the production and distribution of child pornography, and could bring psycho-social harm to the minors involved, the department urged the public to remember that those involved in the sextape are minors.

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And, that the law enjoins the nation to always act in the best interests of children. Thus, DSD has arranged for its social workers to make contact with the minors and their parents.

“They will assess the children to determine an appropriate level of assistance to the children and their families in terms of the Children’s Act of 2005.

“Part of our interventions will include raising awareness on the health and legal risks of children engaging in sexual activities with each other, even if it is perceived to be consensual,” disclosed the department.

Thereafter, it appealed to the public to not view or share the online video.

“(That) would be in contravention of legislation aimed at protecting children, such as the Film & Publications Act of 1996, and the Children’s Act.

“We also appeal to parents to be aware of their children’s online activities, and take necessary steps to educate and protect them,” stated the department.

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Meanwhile, the Pinetown Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual offences Unit have arrested a 22-year-old serial rapist.

SAPS narrated that the suspect has been terrorizing young victims, aged between 11 and 22 years old, in the Pinetown area since September 2016.

“In all incidents, the suspect would approach the victims in the Pinetown CBD, befriend them and the lure them towards the nearby forest, at some stage he would threaten the victims with a knife and eventually rape them.

In a recent incident, (on) 17 January 2017, the victim (22) was in Pinetown Centre proceeding to Pep Store when she was approached by the suspect.

The suspect asked the victim’s name and befriended the victim. He further requested the victim to accompany him to fetch money from his mother who is a domestic worker.

As they were walking in Lahee Park, the suspect grabbed the victim and forced her to the bushes and raped her.”

The case was reported at the Pinetown police Station, handed over to Pinetown FCS for further investigation, and the suspect was subsequently arrested.