Cannibalism In South Africa: Woman Raped, Killed And Eaten


Cannibalism In South Africa – Terrible things have happened in South Africa, but this is surely the most despicable of them all.

BuzzSouthAfrica has been informed that three suspects will be dragged to the Estcourt Magistrate’s Court today for practicing cannibalism in South Africa.

It is said that the suspects were arrested after one of them approached the Estcourt police and announced that he’s tired of consuming human flesh.

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The crime fighters must have imagined the man was seriously high on something or deranged. But then, he gave them the biggest shock of their lives. The man produced human body parts and handed it to the officers to back-up his story about feeding on human flesh.

BuzzSouthAfrica thought this story was a hoax until police spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbhele confirmed that the suspects were arrested on Friday’s night.

Colonel Mbhele assured that the report is true. She related that one of the suspected walked up to police officers on duty at the Estcourt police station and informed them he’s been feeding on human flesh.

“When he was questioned, he produced part of a human leg and a hand,” stated the Colonel.

The police spokesperson added that further investigations led the police to a house in the Rensburgdrift area.

There, “…police were met with a foul smell and more human remains were found.” With that, a second suspect was arrested. The “third suspect, also an Nyanga, was arrested in Amangwe area. More body parts were found,” Colonel Mbhele divulged.

Mbhele further divulged that the suspects raped, killed and cut up the body of a woman, which they then consumed.

“The allegations by the suspect are that they would rape and kill the victims before they could cut them into pieces and eat their parts.”

Adding that the police are still trying to figure out if there are other victims of the suspects, Mbhele urged South Africans with missing relatives to come forward so that samples can be taken to perform DNA tests.

The suspects are facing “rape, murder, and charges relating to possession of human tissue,” Mbhele concluded.

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Reporting this, News24 narrated that Mthembeni Majola, a Ward Councillor remarked that he was astonished when one of the suspects led the police and members of the community to where they buried the remains of the woman.

Majola reportedly said:

“It was buried under big rocks and we had to call a TLB machine to remove the rocks.

They showed us the body parts in one of the houses. They admitted that they were waiting for the body parts to attract maggots. Apparently, maggots collect money for them.”

The Ward Councillor specified that all the suspects arrested were citizens of South Africa:

“There had been a lot of rumors that foreign nationals were the ones killing people. None of those arrested is a foreign national.

“As community members, we need to discuss how we are going to deal with this,” added the Ward Councillor.

Meanwhile, this story isn’t the first of its kind. There are other instances where people have been caught practicing cannibalism in South Africa.

Three (3) Times People Were Served On Plates In SA

1. An uncle slaughtered, cooked and ate his nephew 

Sometime in April 2017, it circulated that Mandisi Gwanya slaughtered, cooked and ate his four-year-old nephew, Kamvelihle Ngala.

Then, a relative who saw the scene where Ngala was slain narrated that the boy’s body was on the floor and in pieces.

“It was a scene like when one slaughters a sheep for a ritual. The body was carefully skinned and so was the skull which was away from the child’s body.”

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2. The Zimbabwean caught eating raw human heart

Andrew Chimboza was arrested in Gugulethu, Cape Town some years ago after he was busted feeding on a human heart.

The police officer who arrested the 35-year-old Zimbabwean testified thus:

“I … came across the accused, as he was … eating raw meat. He was on his knees. I then instructed him to stop eating this raw meat and I told him to lie down and he did as I instructed him.

I went further into the room, and as I went past him, I saw a knife and fork there lying on the ground.

I pulled up the deceased’s shirt (62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona) and I observed that he had a hole on his left side. That is when I saw that the heart was removed.”

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3. KwaZulu-Natal Human-hunter

In 2001, the South African Police Service (SAPS) stationed at Folweni received a call which reported that a man in Nkonka Reserve was feeding on human flesh.

In response to the call, SAPS members raided the man’s house. They caught the man having human flesh as lunch. The victim’s body was cut into small pieces and cooked in a three-legged pot.

It is said that the 35-year-old hunted down his victim, shot him with a home-made gun, dragged the body home and chopped it up for consumption.