Top 10 Cancer Personality Traits You Never Knew Of

Zodiac signs are in most cases than not some of the best means of ascertaining the distinct characters of people. This is especially true for individuals whose birthdays fall under Cancer (June 21 – July 22). This astrological sign is a part of the water group that is characterized with a mixed emotional state just like this element (can sometimes be turbulent or calm depending on the circumstances such individuals find themselves in).

Hence, cancers are highly noted for their unpredictable nature, and insulating themselves within their shells (like the crab) whenever they feel the need to do so. This makes them some of the most indifferent personalities you could ever come across. On the other hand, cancers are extremely loyal to the persons they hold in high esteem and can go out of their way to ensure their happiness and their contentment.

Despite this, individuals whose zodiac sign is cancer are more often than not impulsive and can rapidly undergo violent mood swings when they are provoked, often lashing out to those that might be within their vicinity. Cancers also tend to hold on to past wrongs inflicted on them and can keep prolonged grudges and will always try to redress their harms whenever such an opportunity presents itself.

These individuals are also well-known for their unparalleled self-love and are always on the lookout for what they can benefit from the people around them. On the flip-side cancers are very intelligent and possess innate cunning, and just like the crab, they are very calculating. Below are some of the top 10 cancer personality traits these individuals exhibit.

Top 10 Cancer Personality Traits



Cancers are extremely loyal and caring to the individuals that matter most in their lives such as their immediate family and intimate friends. They respect the will of their loved ones and go out of their way to express their love and fondness towards them. Cancers make for some of the most faithful lovers in existence, and you can rely on them through thick and thin.


These individuals hold all their intimate relationships close to heart, which makes them very dependable regardless of what situation they encounter. Cancers will support you unconditionally regardless of whether you are right or wrong.


Cancers also possess a strong sentimental streak, which makes them inveterate romantics at heart. Such individuals always look at the better side of things and believe there is some good in everybody, especially when it comes to their relationships.

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These individuals like the sea creature that epitomizes their zodiac sign, present a tough and formidable exterior but in the real sense are very vulnerable and sensitive characters. They are often not comfortable with any opposition to their will, whether right or wrong and never accept defeat or failure at face value.

Highly Possessive

People whose zodiac sign is cancer usually hold extremely strong ties to their material possessions and naturally never like anybody (even their intimate associates) using such items.

Born leaders

Cancers are also widely acclaimed for their excellent organization skills and their inherent leadership abilities. People always feel driven to follow their lead in virtually any setting these individuals find themselves in, most especially in their chosen career path.


These individuals are very passionate about the ideals they hold dear, which makes them faithful lovers and spouses. You can always be assured of their unlimited love and attention.


Cancers are also renowned for their great flexibility, and they can adapt themselves to almost any circumstance they find themselves in. Their resilience and endurance know no bound and they are naturally great optimists.


These people like earlier mentioned are very susceptible to drastic mood swings, which in astrological circles is attributed to the strong influence of the moon’s cycle. In most cases than not, they have a short fuse and will not hesitate to burst into vicious tantrums whenever they feel they have been greatly wronged. This unpredictability also makes them very prone to sinking into depression.


Cancers like aforementioned are well noted for their supreme selfishness, and most of them could care less about the feelings of those around them so long as they achieve their objective, especially when it comes to their careers. They will flinch at nothing to go up the career ladder.

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