Can I Renew My Car Licence at Pick n Pay Stores in South Africa?

Pick n Pay is one of the leading retails stores in South Africa. With different branches scattered all over the country, you can be sure of a one-stop hub, where you can purchase your groceries, tools, and clothes. Despite being in existence since 1967, this brand has been able to stay on top of the business by adopting relevant innovations and opening up as a third-party agent for different organizations.

One of the third-party services that Pick n Pay provides is a renewal of vehicle or car licenses. At any licensed retail outlet, you can renew your licence with so much ease and be sure of top-notch customer service, making it an easy means of renewal than most government organizations.

How Can I Renew My Car Licence At Pick n Pay?

The process of renewing your car licence disc at Pick n Pay is straightforward and straight to the point. Here is how to go about it:

  • Visit a licensed Pick n Pay outlet with all relevant documents.
  • A Motor Vehicle Licence (MVL1) form will be provided for you to fill.
  • Provide accurate information as regards the car owner and the car in the MVL1 form.
  • If your registration is complete, you will receive a notification indicating the amount you are to pay.
  • After making payments, your renewed licence will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

Documents Required For Renewing Your South Africa Car Licence

Renew Car Licence Pick n Pay

To avoid a stressful renewal process, you should visit Pick n Pay with all relevant documents, which include:

  • Proof of residence: A utility bill can serve as your proof of residence. In a situation where the name on the bill does not bear the name of the car owner, you are advised to attach an affidavit to prove that you reside there.
  • Identity Document
  • A valid driver’s licence for the registered owner.
  • Car licence renewal notice (MVL2).
  • Licence disc that you used previously.

If you live in an informal settlement where it may be difficult to get proof of residence, you can provide a stamped official letter from your ward councilor. Also, if you did not receive a renewal notification, you will have to file an Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicles.

It is essential to add that the documents required for renewing a licence disc at Pick n Pay for a private vehicle differ from that of a company vehicle. Here are the documents to bring along with you when renewing the car licence of a company vehicle:

  • An identity paper from a proxy.
  • The company’s certificate of incorporation.
  • A confirmation letter: This letter serves as evidence that you are an employee of the company.

Can I Renew My Car Licence At All Pick n Pay Stores In South Africa?

Renew Car Licence Pick n Pay
Renew Your Car licence at Pick n Pay Outlets

No, you cannot renew your car licence at all Pick n Pay outlets in South Africa because not all outlets are licensed to provide this service. Here is a list of Pick n Pay outlets that perform car licence renewal:

  • PNP Wilropark
  • PNP Honey Junction
  • PNP Elspark
  • PNP Epsom
  • PNP Epsom Downs
  • PNP Ferndale
  • PNP Megalieskruin
  • PNP Northcliff
  • PNP on Nicol
  • PNP Boskruin
  • PNP Craighall
  • PNP Waterkloof Ridge

Other Places You Can Renew Your Car Licence Aside From Pick n Pay

Aside from Pick n Pay, there are other places where you can renew your car licence. Some of these places include:

  • Other retails stores
  • Renew Online
  • Chat Back
  • South Africa Post Office, e.t.c

Other Retail Stores Where You Can Renew Your Car Licence In South Africa

Here is a list of other retail stores aside from Pick n Pay where you can renew your licence disc:

  • 4U Trailer Enterprise
  • SPAR
  • Safari Outdoor
  • Post Net
  • Big Save Motor
  • Easy Step Africa
  • Postlink
  • The Biltong Shop
  • Save More Motor
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How To Renew Your Car Licence At Renew Online

Renew Online is an online platform that allows customers to complete all licence renewal process online with just three simple steps. After you have completed the registration process and made the payment, your renewal will be processed, and the licence disc will be delivered to your location. The method of renewing your licence through Renew Online costs R130.

You Can Renew Your Car Licence Via Chat Back

Chatback is one of the easiest methods of renewing car licenses. You don’t have to visit a physical location or download a new app on your mobile phone; all that is required is to send a message to the agency on WhatsApp. After sending your vehicle details, you will receive a message containing how much you are to pay. After making payment, your renewal will be processed in 24 hours.

You Can Renew Your Car Licence At South Africa Post Office

Renew Car License Pick n Pay

The South African Post Office (SAPO) is another place where you renew your licence. Still, unlike other platforms on this list, it may require a little more time, as the post office is a government organization, and there may be a queue that you will have to deal with. While going to a SAPO, ensure to take all relevant documents to avoid going a second time.

You Can Also Renew Your Car Licence With Easy Renew

Easy Renew offers clients a five-step online renewal process, and in 10 working days, your licence will be processed and delivered to you at the cost of R230. This service is available for those in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng. Other places where you can renew your South Africa car licence disc include FNB, Sorted, and Q4U Cape Town.

How Much Is Car Licence Renewal In South Africa?

The cost of renewing a car licence in South Africa varies, depending on the type of vehicle, location, and method of renewal. When renewing your cars’ licence using a third-party platform, aside from the government-stipulated fee, you may have to pay a processing fee.

For Pick n Pay and Renew online, the processing fee is R130, while with Easy Renew, it cost R230. For those staying in Gauteng, the government stipulated vehicle licence fees ranges from R216 to R26,000. Factors like tire weight and vehicle type also influence the cost.

What Is The Fastest Means Of Renewing A Car Licence In South Africa?

Based on the number of days it takes for the renewal to be processed and for the renewed licence disc to be sent to you, Pick n Pay is the fastest means of renewing a car licence because it takes 48 hours after payment for your disc to be delivered.

But, considering that a platform like Renew Online is entirely online and does not require that you visit any offline branch, it may also be a fast means of getting your licence done as it saves you the time of visiting a branch. All you will have to do is wait for 72 days, which is just one day different from what Pick n Pay takes.

The major disadvantage with online platforms is that if anything should go wrong with the process, it may take some time to resolve. This is different from what is obtainable if the renewal process was done in an offline location, as you can efficiently work into the outlet to ensure that the problem is resolved. Thankfully, most organizations make it easier for customers to access a customer service agent to lay their complaints.

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