Pics: Meet Cambodian Actress Who Faces One-year Ban From Making Movies For Being Too Sexy


A Cambodian actress, Denny Kwan has been banned from making any new movie for the next one year because she’s uncomfortably “too sexy.”

Cambodian Actress

This assertion was made by the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry officials who had a re-education session with the actress.

Apparently, her acting and physical appearance are against everything the ministry stands for. The code of conduct which the ministry is striving to uphold aims to promote the ‘preservation, maintenance of arts, culture, tradition and the identity of the nation’. More importantly, it would prevent any negativity from corrupting the arts and tradition of the nation.

For the most part, miss Kwan has reportedly violated the aforementioned code of conduct by being “too sexy”.

Cambodian Actress

As a result, the 24-year-old Cambodian actress was banned from the cameras for the next 12 months. Consequently, she will not take part in any activity in the entertainment industry. This includes filming, karaoke and singing performances on TV.

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Nevertheless, While Miss Kwan has agreed to suppress her ‘sexiness’ both on social media and in front of the cameras, the young actress said that she doesn’t indulge in erotic roles as much as other actresses in the country do.

Cambodian Actress

“In Cambodia, there are many sexy artists. Some are even more than me when shooting, featuring kissing and being erotic,” she said.

“I know it’s my right to dress how I want, but our culture, Cambodian people, cannot accept it,” adding that she “will now try not to be sexy as I usually am when I post on Facebook.”

This follows the re-education session with the Ministry’s officials. Surely, her over 300,000 Facebook followers from around the world will miss her titillating shots.

Cambodian Actress

Meanwhile, despite strong opposition from the gender equality group Gender and Development Cambodia, the culture ministry maintained that the punishment was well deserved.

The ministry’s chief of the disciplinary council, Chamroeun Vantha, said Miss Kwan is facing punishment for failing to respect a written promise she made with the ministry last May. The young lady reportedly promised not to dress in a sexy way.