Call To Revive SA’s Ruling Party: ANC Members Admit The Party Is Getting Weaker


Despite all efforts made to help the ruling party regain its ground in South Africa, members lament that the ANC is getting weaker each day.

Members of the ruling party admitted this saying the party is facing a continued internal crisis coupled with growing cases of corruption and poor performance in government.

The party said in a series of Discussion Documents released earlier this month, that all the above-named cases found in the ANC conspire to undermine the legitimacy of the party in the eyes of the broader public.

“The weakening of the ANC, which still contains the main ingredients of the glue that holds South African society together (at least in its formal policy posture), can undermine the state and the democratic system as a whole.

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“With optimism and hope among the people squandered, the social tinder of old and new contradictions can explode in a raging fire.

“Urgent organisational renewal and intensified action towards a National Democratic Society are required,” said the discussion documents designed to inform debate and discussion towards the 2017 National Policy Conference, to be held at the end of June.

The fall of the ruling party came to spotlight last year when the party lost hold of most of its supporters to the opposition parties, particularly the Democratic Alliance.

The 2016 local government election had the ruling ANC suffering its worst result since 1994 as it saw a massive support decline to 54%, from 64.8% in 2006, and 61.9% in 2011.

Following all the experiences of the party, members have raised questions on what must be done to revive the party.

While some of the members believe there no simple answer to this question, the likes of Former president Kgalema Motlanthe comes to say that the only way the ANC can keep its supporters is by showing ‘convincing remorse’ over its wrong on so many cases, like the Nkandla.

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The former leader who reiterated that truth and a deep remorse are the only factors that can bring back the confidence and love the ruling party once enjoyed from its supporters, asked the party’s top officials to turn a new leaf for the sake of the party’s future.

“If you don’t learn from mistakes, then chances are that you will repeat those mistakes and of course the electorate, the nation at large, will only go along with the ANC if indeed it’s convincing in its contrition, not only by words but in action,” he said while speaking to journalists in Houghton, Johannesburg, on Wednesday night after he had delivered a keynote address in honour of three ANC stalwarts at the John Nkadimeng branch in the suburb.

Motlanthe also called for the ANC to give room for young blood to gain access to top posts within the party. He stressed that electing young people to leadership positions will help the party overcome certain challenges.

These, among many other positive steps should be taken if the rebirth of the ruling party is of major interest to South Africans.