Busted! Cassper’s Bentley Was Vandalised By These Guys


Rapper Cassper’s Bentley worth a whopping R3.7 million was reportedly vandalized outside a nightclub last week.

And on Monday morning, we got the good news that Cassper Nyovest has found the people behind the vandalisation of his state of the art car. And there’s more….

The alleged vandals are people the rapper knows.

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Thus, Cassper wasn’t smiling when he took to social media to inform fans that the manhunt for the vandals finally paid off. Last Thursday, the rapper told fans that his car had been keyed outside a nightclub in Johannesburg. Cassper’s celebration night was cut short when he got a call that someone was keying his brand new car.

“I’m in the club celebrating hard work and someone calls me saying they found someone keying my brand new car. Mara why do have to do this? Such a beautiful night? To end like this? I worked so hard this year‚ not only to get what I have but to stay out of trouble. Then this?” Cassper tweeted.

He added that this is the reason why he doesn’t go around flaunting his assets in public. As a result, he declared a manhunt, pleading with fans to help him find the culprits.

Consequently, the search revealed the people behind the incident that led to Cassper’s Bentley being keyed. Without wasting time, Casspeer stormed Twitter a few hours after the discovery and tweeted that he had found the vandals, adding that they are people he knows. He also thanked his fans for all their help during the search.

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Though he didn’t reveal whether he laid charges against the vandals or not, Cassper was very upset after the incident. Notwithstanding, he quickly switched to a better mood as he celebrated his birthday at Taboo nightclub in Johannesburg.

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