Pictures Of Businessman Kenny Kunene’s Newborn Sell For R1,500 Each


Sushi king & businessman Kenny Kunene and his wife Whitney welcomed their first child earlier this week.

Following the announcement of the arrival of Kenny’s son named Remo Mokgethwa Kunene on Sunday, there’s a possibility that he’s already rolling in cash as his name “baby billionaire” indicates.

While we were eagerly waiting for pictures of the newborn to flood the internet, a few pictures of the family started circulating on social media.

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However, virtually all the photos were watermarked with the trademark of a PR company that has apparently “bought” the exclusive rights to take all the pictures of “baby billionaire”.

Businessman Kenny

Businessman Kenny Kunene confirmed that the company reserves the right to take his son’s pictures. Also, he said he received a large sum from the company which of course he did not reveal. In other words, the pictures of his child are now exclusive. But then, you can buy a copy for the sum of R1 500.

“If you want the pictures you have to get in contact with the PR company that has published the first pictures. The pictures will be paid for and they are going R1‚500 per picture,” he said.

An employee of the PR confirmed that the company has exclusive rights to the pictures. Thus, to protect what’s theirs and to make money money from it, they have watermarked them.

Speaking about his newborn, an excited Kenny said that both mother and child are in good health. Besides, he’s having the time of his life being a fresh dad.

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“I am so happy because he is the blessing we have been praying for and he is healthy. I slept at 1 am last night but its okay because I am ready. I want to be there all the time,” he said.

He also sees this as opportunity to correct some of his past mistakes.