Julius Malema’s Statement Has Vindicated Me – Kunene


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) co-founder and controversial businessman Kenny Kunene says Julius Malema’s statement during an interview with eNCA Checkpoint has finally vindicated him.

Kunene has been Malema’s antagonist since his departure from the EFF. And ever since then, he has leveled many allegations against his former colleague, Malema.

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One of his widely-known allegation is that Malema had sold out the EFF to Western powers and has been leading a bogus revolution. He also predicted that Malema will abandon the EFF and form a new political party in 2019 with the ANC.

And in what looked like an actualization of his prediction, Malema on Tuesday “allegedly” proposed a merger between the ANC and the EFF – provided the ANC will be willing to collapse the Luthuli House and create a brand new political party in 2019.

Malema said: “My imagination of 2019 is that the ANC goes below 50%, the EFF goes to 9 … 10%. The ANC needs the EFF, the DA needs the EFF…..

The EFF and the ANC must come together. And then we collapse the name ANC. We close Luthuli House. We go and open headquarters of this new party in Soweto, where our people are, and then we start afresh.

The merger will have to produce a unique leadership, which will appeal to our people because the name ANC is going to remind people of our painful past,” he told the show’s anchor Nkepile Mabuse.

Speaking further to reporters, businessman Kenny Kunene said he maintains that Juju has been in bed with the ANC. He, thereafter, challenge Malema to present his passport if he isn’t a sellout.

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“I’ve always said that Julius wants to see himself ending up in the ANC. The EFF is just a vehicle to take him there. He has always been talking to the ANC. Hence he has never shown his passport.

Julius has vindicated me. I am vindicated. He mustn’t blame [CheckPoint anchor] Nkepile Mabuse,” businessman Kenny Kunene argued.

Meanwhile, the EFF has vehemently debunked speculations that it wants to form a coalition with the ANC in 2019. The party also accused Mabuse of distorting Malema’s statements for offensive reasons.