Malema’s Antagonist Challenges Him To Debate In A Deadlocked Confrontation


South African controversial businessman Kenny Kunene has drawn EFF leader Julius Malema to the debate floor in a recent stand-off.

Kenny, a founding member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lost his cool on Malema during a breakfast interview on SABC’s 2 Morning Live.

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Speaking on Wednesday, Kenny hurled insults at his former colleague. According to the businessman, Malema has been spearheading a bogus revolution and has been lying to South Africa.

He also accused the EFF leader of secretly meeting with the ANC in Maputo in 2015 – this, he alleged has been the reason why Malema has refused to produce his passport for clarification.

Commenting on why he abandoned the EFF, Kunene disclosed said he left the party because Juju sold out the party and South Africa as a whole.

Validating his claim, the businessman recalled that Malema immediately changed his views on several important views after he met Lord Robin Renwick in London.

Businessman Kenny Kunene Lays More Accusations

On how he digressed, Kenny claimed that Malema’s support for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe dwindled; secondly, he started acting in the interest of Western powers; thirdly, he began to trample on Mandela’s legacies; with the view that it would help frustrate the ANC out of power.

“He was given conditions in London. So he’s a sellout and a Judas. JudasSelloutMalema sold us all,” Kenny alleged.

Commenting on how Juju was a sellout, he said: “Malema has insulted, he has spat on the blood of the O.R Tambos, on the blood of the Solomon Mahlangus.

He has no right to call himself a revolutionary or to even name Fanon; Che Guevara and all these revolutionaries who shed their blood in the name of economic revolution … there is no revolutionary left in that Judas.”

Businessman Kenny Kunene went on to challenge the EFF leader to a public debate so that they could clear the air why he [Kenny] left EFF prematurely.

“I want to challenge him to a public debate so that I can highlight the reasons; why I left the EFF in front of him, and we can debate it, and the nation can determine who is a liar between me and Julius sell-out Malema.”

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At the end of the interview, Malema responded speedily to the allegations on his twitter account. He described the businessman as “irrelevant”. He, however, promised to give Kenny his attention if he [Kenny] will be able to get 20,000 national votes.