Business Man Helps Homeless Man Who Volunteers To Clean Bantry Bay Beach To Make It Clean For Tourists Get A Job


The observant eyes and the kind gestures of a Cape Town businessman has changed the story of yet another homeless man who loves to clean the Bantry Bay Beach within the space of a few days.

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Jay Margolis who is a Cape Town entrepreneur spotted a homeless man cleaning Bantry Bay Beach last week during one his visits.

The homeless man Siyabulela Magobiyane, or ‘Dan’ as he is popularly called, cleaned the beach on a regular basis based on the selfless reason that he wanted it to look good when tourists come trooping in.

According to Jay Margolis, he met Dan one afternoon while he was in Bantry Bay Beach waiting for the arrival of a client. He couldn’t help but notice this guy carrying two big bags which he dumped into the rubbish bin. After a few minutes went by, the man comes back with yet another two big bags of rubbish and dumped them in the bin.

bantry bay beach

The man continued this routine and Margolis made up his mind to have a chat with him.

“When I come back, 45 minutes later, I see him filling another two big packets and wait for him to have a chat. Turns out, “he’s embarrassed about the pollution, and wants the beaches looking good for the tourists, and for the sea.”

During the chat with Dan, Margolis made some shocking findings which include that the man was not asked to do the sanitation exercise on the beach and even more shocking is that he does not have a job.

The only tangible reason Dan gave for cleaning the Beaches everyday was to “make the place nice.” He identified himself by pulling out his temp ID, to show his name. He told Margolis that he got this, but still has to collect his Green ID book.

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Margolis gave him a treat at lunch and as he left, so proud of people like this that live in our beautiful country and that he got to meet one of them.

He later narrated the event in a Facebook post and wrote:

“What a legend, Siyabulela Dan Magobiyane! City of Cape Town, give this man a job!”

After the encounter was posted on Facebook, It went viral and was eventually shared more than 37,000 times, he says Magobiyane has since been offered a job in a company.

“Since we met, Dan has been placed permanently at the Haven Night Shelter in Greenpoint. He’ll be there for three to six months. They’re helping him to transition from life on the street to a more active role. He has also been offered a permanent job with a company called Cape Skip. They’re very committed to upskilling him.”

In a similar story, a homeless man Frederick Callison made judicious use of a piece of prime real estate outside a Sacramento, California, grocery store to seek for employment. Instead of begging for handouts like most homeless people do, Callison handed out his resume to people in the bid to get employed.

He did this for two years before he met a young who put up his resume on Facebook through which he landed a job.