Bus Sector Strike: COSATU Wants Bus Companies To Refund And Compensate Travellers


In line with the passenger bus sector strike across South Africa, the Congress of South Africa Trade Union (COSATU) is agitating that bus companies refund and compensate travellers the nationwide strike left stranded.

COSATU indicated that many South Africans who use public transport bought tickets this week for the Easter holidays.

Adding that they weren’t informed that transport services wouldn’t be available because of a possible strike, COSATU contended that bus companies ought not to have accepted payments for tickets because they “had no reasonable intention of supplying (the services) and this was foreseeable as they were engaged in tense wage negotiations.”

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COSATU related that negotiations failed between the bus companies and their employees. And, that the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) issued a certificate of non-resolution subjected to a 30-day mandatory cooling-off period before unions could embark on a strike.

“The bus companies were definitely aware that this cooling off period was going to expire on Saturday 8 April,” stated the congress.

Based on the above, COSATU agitated thus:

“The Congress of South African Trade Unions calls on all bus companies to reimburse all passengers and commuters, who have bought their tickets for the duration of the strike, including those that were planning to use buses to visit their families and friends over the Easter Holiday Weekend. These passengers will now be left stranded because of the nationwide strike in the passenger bus sector.”

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Thereafter, the congress of trade unions reiterated its full support for the strike action affirming that the demands of the workers are legitimate and fair. COSATU urged the employers to accede to the demands and end the bus sector strike.

“Bus owners need to think about the workers and their passengers and not just about profits.

“We are also restating our call on the Department of Transport to intervene and work to help resolve this strike on behalf of thousands of workers and travellers, who will be affected by the strike over the Good Friday Long weekend.

“This strike will put a strain on the transport system during this busy weekend and if not resolved, we are likely to see an increase in road fatalities,” added COSATU.

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