We Must Bury Winnie Next To Nelson Mandela – King Dalindyebo


Winnie is alive and quite healthy. Nonetheless, the King behind bars, Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo has kick-started a campaign demanding that Winnie be buried next to South Africa’s greatest son, former President Nelson Mandela.

There’s no reason to bother you with the details of Winnie’s marriage with Nelson. She was married to him for 38 years, and they got divorced in 1996.

The King in prison, however, believes Winnie and Mandela are still married. He thanked Winnie who celebrated her 80th birthday for supporting Mandela throughout his long walk to freedom via a letter he wrote from his cage.

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“If it wasn’t for your strength and your spirit, you could have lost hope and have walked away, leaving Madiba hurting and struggling.

“Who knows, maybe he could have surrendered himself to the enemy and ceased to fight, but your smile saw him through his dark days.

“I believe you are still married, because in our records I do not have any such record in the kingdom that dissolves such a marriage, as mandated by our customary law,” penned King Dalindyebo.

Dalindyebo’s letter was read yesterday at a gala dinner in Johannesburg. The King, serving his 12-year sentence in East London’s prison said Winnie mothered him through his dark days.

“You were there for me as a mother throughout my dark days, when I needed love and comfort in extremely dark and life-threatening days during the apartheid era,” wrote Dalindyebo.

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Divulging that he’s been reading about Winnie’s 491 Days in police custody during the apartheid struggle, Dalindyebo compared himself to the struggle icon. According to him, he’s been thinking about his children as he’s serving his term.

He’s worried that they are being harassed at school for having a father who’s a disgraceful king.

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