‘Burn Down The ANC, Not Public Facilities’ – Malema


EFF leader Julius Malema has lashed out on those who go about destroying schools, hospitals, community halls among other public facilities during protests. He referred to such acts as barbaric.

Addressing a community meeting in Gugulethu, Cape Town on Sunday, Malema said those frustrated South Africans who burned down public facilities including schools were channeling their anger in the wrong direction.

“You have even gone to the extent of burning schools. What a barbaric act, burning schools. Never, ever burn down schools, clinics and community halls. Take ownership of them. If you have a problem with the councillor, go to them and fight with them,” he said adding that violent protests should rather be directed to the ANC and its buildings

“In the same areas where you are burning schools, there are ANC offices. You know where the ANC offices are, where the DA is, where the EFF is situated, fight with them. You never burn them. It’s not the school that gave you demarcation; it’s the ANC. Go to the ANC and leave property alone,” he said.

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Malema’s speech was in reaction to recent violent protests in Vuwani in Limpopo where at least 19 schools were torched. The protest was against a new municipal demarcation of their area, Malema slammed those who burnt tyres and blockaded roads, but then voted for the same party that angered them in the elections.

Speaking further, Malema explained to the people how much is problem is created when public facilities are torched. “You are burning money that you don’t have,” he said,

“These are your taxes. These buildings don’t belong to Zuma. He will go. They don’t belong to the ANC councillor. He will go and the buildings will remain,” Malema saidas poeple cheers to that.

He however, called on the hundreds of the party supporters gathered at the venue to take responsibility of these properties, and stand in front of them when others wanted to burn them down.

“Tell them, ‘don’t burn my school; Not in the name of the EFF. We do not burn schools. We love schools. We protect schools.”

“None of you must be found burning schools while wearing a beret of the EFF. It’s an automatic expulsion,” said Malema.

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Meanwhile, Malema encouraged the protesters to barricade roads saying he did not have problems with the barricading of roads during protests “you need to threaten a bit” he said, adding that it was how people could get the attention of leaders.

On the other hand, Malema called on the Zuma administration to see to it that destroyed schools are rebuilt. “You have brought this on yourself,” he told them.

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