Watch: 15 Dead, Several Trapped As Six-Storey Building Collapses In Kenya


At least 15 people have been killed and several others trapped after the collapse of a six-storey building in Kenya’s capital Nairobi late on Friday KTN television reported. The building collapse followed several days of heavy rains and floods that plagued the city.

Captured on live footage were rescuers bringing out two of the survivors of the wreckage through the crowd made up of emergency crews and concerned neighbours who came to catch a glimpse at the unfortunate building collapse in the Huruma residential area in northeast Nairobi. The rescuers combed through the debris and carried out several bodies from the wreckage amid cheers of encouragement from the crowd.

Kenyan Red Cross revealed on a twitter feed that one adult together with three children were taken to the city’s Kenyatta National Hospital.

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The Kenyan Red Cross also described the collapsed building scene as “chaotic” which has led people from about 150 households to seek refuge in a nearby villages, to escape the chaos.

Though authorities did not release prompt details of the actual number of casualties, the media already reported that there may be a whole lot of other people still trapped in the building.

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Reporters present at the scene have reported that so far, 58 people had been rescued from the collapsed building, among which was a baby as seen in the live footage

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However, most residents of the building remain trapped inside as it was not clear on the actual number of people in the building when it collapsed. A large crowd can be seen surrounding the collapsed building as the police and other volunteers worked together in the bid to remove debris.

Kenya’s National Construction Authority has promised to look into the matter to ensure the construction of the building followed due process.