Buhle Samuels Biography: Who Is the South African Actress and TV Star?

Buhle Samuels is a South African actress, TV personality, model, and singer who got famous for featuring as Matshidiso Mofokeng on the SABC 2’s popular soap opera, Muhvango.

Buhle has endeared herself to a number of South Africans with her outstanding talent, beauty, and amazing body physique. She is one of the most beautiful South African celebrities that has continued to age backward.

Summary Of Buhle Samuels Profile

  • Full Name: Buhle Samuels
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: May 25, 1990
  • Buhle Samuels’ Age: 33 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: Mbali Samuels
  • Buhle Samuels’ Height in Centimetres: 178cm
  • Buhle Samuels’ Net Worth:
  • Famous for: Being an actress and TV Personality
  • Buhle Samuels’ Instagram: @buhlesamuels

Buhle Samuels Was Born In Gauteng

The beautiful South African actress and TV personality, Buhle Samuels, was born in South Africa. She was born in Gauteng and spent a good part of her childhood there. There are reports that she had her primary and high school education in Pretoria North, Gauteng.

Who Are Buhle Samuels Parents?

Nothing is known about her father, however, she has revealed that her mother is a nurse and her profession made her move to Saudi Arabia where she now works. Buhle is blessed to have an amazing mother who despite her busy schedule as a nurse never fails to create time to check up on her either by call or text.

What is Buhle Samuels Age?

Buhle Samuels was born on the 25th of May 1990 which makes her 33 years old today. Whenever South Africans get to know about Buhle’s actual age, it often comes as a surprise seeing how young and beautiful she looks. The beautiful actress is not the only child of her parents, she has an older sister called Mbali Samuels.

Buhle Samuels Graduated From the University of South Africa

Buhle Samuels is an amazing combination of beauty, brains, and charm. She has not revealed the name of the elementary school she attended but there are reports that she spent her childhood in South Africa. Buhle has revealed that after high school, she got accepted into the University of South Africa to study Somatology and after completing her studies, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree.

Considering that she did not study drama or anything related to the career she is pursuing now, you can’t help but wonder how she managed to be so good on screen. Well, for Buhle, everything about being in the entertainment industry is all about passion.

She Started Her Career As A TV Presenter

After graduating from high school, Buhle started her own mobile beauty salon. Although we can’t say how long she had to run the salon before starting her career in the entertainment industry, it is quite obvious that it did not last for so long. She soon landed a job with Africa Magic in 2014 to host a breakfast show. At this time, she was 24 years old.

While working with Africa Magic brought her some level of fame, it does not take all the credit for making her as famous as she is today.

Featuring In Muvhango Was A Career Breakthrough For Buhle Samuels

Buhle Samuels made her acting debut on SABC2’s soapie, Muhvango. She landed this gig not long after she started hosting the breakfast show in Africa Magic. In Muvhango, she played the role of Matshidiso Mofokeng. She was so good at playing this role that viewers could not help but notice the new actress with top-notch acting skills.

Featuring in Muhvango brought Buhle Samuels to the spotlight. And considering the work she put into making her character look so real, the fame was deserving. According to her, settling into the role was not all rosy, plus, she had to learn a bit of the Venda language.

Another thing that made her character challenging was the fact that in reality, her personality was the opposite of Matshidiso Mofokeng. While Matshidiso Mofokeng was mean and vindictive, Buhle Samuel says she is a kind person. However, she pulled through and delivered the role so well, irrespective of the challenges.

She was so good at her role that it earned her nomination for the Best Newcomer at the 2015 Annual Royalty Soapie award – even though she did not win as Izak Davel took home the award.

She Left Muvhango After Four Years To Kick Off Her Music Career

After four years of playing the role of Matshidiso Mofokeng, Buhle Samuels decided that it was time to move into something else. In 2019, to the dismay of fans who were already so used to the fact that she was a part of Muvhango, she quit the job. According to her, the decision to quit her role in Muvhango was because she needed time to build other areas of her career.

She took her career to another level by signing into Arthur Mafokate’s 999 record label. She has since released songs like Dim the Light, Ng’enza So, Everywoman, and Cheater (I’m Done). Buhle is also known for her dance moves. She is regarded as one of Mzansi’s best dancers. Indeed she has multiple creative skills.

In 2019, The Talented Actress Made Her Return to the Screens

Leaving the set of Muhvango was not leaving acting entirely for Buhle Samuels as in 2019, she landed another acting gig. She was drafted to play the role of Zandile in a new TV series The Seed written by Duma Ndlovu.

Although her role was not the lead, it was one that revolved around the life of the lead character – and Buhle delivered her role perfectly. She has also featured in the Netflix series Kings of Jo’burg, where she played the role of a supportive, loving but huffy wife named Angela Masire.

Buhle Samuels Returned To Muvhango Briefly in 2020

In 2020, the multi-talented media personality announced to her fans that she would be making a comeback to Muvhango. She revealed how excited she was, seeing that it was her first love. Viewers were also excited to have her back, but little did they know that she was not staying for long as later in 2020, she left the show.

Buhle Samuels Has Over One Million Followers On Instagram

Samuels has been able to gather a large fan base. Over a million people follow her on Instagram where she shares pictures and videos of her beautiful self. This has made her a target for brands who need celebrity influencers to advertise their products and a good number of them have enjoyed working with her.

She has worked with brands like Asus, Woolworths, and Maven Beauty to mention but a few. Although we did find her personal YouTube channel, there are so many YouTube channels that share videos about her.

Does Buhle Samuels Have A Husband?

Buhle Samuel is one of those celebrities who are very much active on social media but still don’t reveal things about their personal life. On IG, she has not shared pictures with any male or female who we may suspect to be her bae.

In response to the question of Buhle Samuels being married, the obvious answer would be no. She is yet to reveal whether or not she is in a relationship but considering how beautiful she is, it is possible that there are men out there who are shooting their shot, or even someone who she has accepted already. But from the information we have at our disposal, Buhle Samuels is a single woman.

Buhle Samuels’ Height and Body Are Amazing

To cap it all up, nature has blessed Buhle with a height of 178cm and she also works hard in the gym to maintain her beautiful physique. Scrolling through her Instagram handle or watching her movies, you cannot help but notice her awesome body. Her body physique is so nice that people think she has gone under the knife. But she insists that she has never had any surgical procedure to improve her body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buhle Samuels

Here are quick answers to some of the questions you have about Buhle Samuels.

How Old Is Buhle Samuels?

Buhle Samuels is 32 years old. She was born on the 25th of May 1990 in South Africa.

Is Buhle Samuels Married?

No, Buhle Samuels is not married. She keeps her relationship away from the public, as such, we can’t say whether there is a man in her life or not.

Is Buhle Samuels on Muvhango?

No, Buhle Samuels is no longer on Muvhango. After she quit the series in 2019, she made a brief comeback to Muvhango in January 2020 but left the TV series finally later that same year.

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