Bucy Radebe Biography: Inside the Personal Life of the Gospel Artist

Phumulani Asnath Radebe, also known by her stage name, Bucy Radebe, is a South African singer and songwriter who started singing at the age of 3 after being inspired by her mother.

Together with her husband Thapelo Thoboke, who doubles as her Manager and Executive Producer, Bucy has won the hearts of many with her powerful voice and sensational gospel music.

Summary of Bucy Radebe’s Bio

  • Full name: Phumuliani Asnath Radebe
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 16, 1987
  • Bucy Radebe’s Age: 36 years old
  • Birthplace: Maboloka, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Bucy Radebe’s marital status: Married
  • Bucy Radebe’s Husband: Thapelo ‘TP’ Thoboke
  • Bucy Radebe’s Husband: Mme Esther Radebe
  • Occupation: Singer, Song Writer
  • Bucy Radebe’s Height in Inches: 5’6″
  • Bucy Radebe’s Height in Centimeters: 167cm
  • Famous as: Bucy Radebe
  • Bucy Radebe’s Instagram: @bucyradebe_za
  • Twitter: @BuchyRadebe
  • Facebook: BucyR
  • YouTube: BucyRadebe

Bucy Radebe Was Named Phumuliani Asnath Radebe at Birth

Bucy Radebe was born Phumuliani Asnath Radebe in 1987 in Maboloka, South Africa. She is currently 36 years old. Her family members frequently called her Bucy Radebe, and seeing that people in the entertainment industry associated her with the name, she officially embraced it as her stage name.

Growing up, Bucy Radebe attended Mafumbuka Primary school (Gauteng Province) at the age of 10. After completing her primary school studies, Bucy proceeded to Botse-Botse High School, also in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

She Started Singing at 3 Years Old

As earlier mentioned, Bucy’s early exposure to music by her musically-inclined mother piqued her interest in music, and at three years old, she was already singing. In 1997, she joined her Primary School’s choral choir, where she got more exposure to music, and her passion was further intensified.

As a high school student at Botse-Botse High School, Bucy worshipped at AFM (House of Praise, Mabopane) church, where she also joined the youth choir and was an active participant in all music-related activities.

Bucy more passionately pursued her music career, and in 2007 when she joined Kopano Chorus. A year after, she became a member of Opera Africa. During her time as a member of Kopano Chorus and Opera Africa, Bucy Radebe worked on the following music projects:

  • Ziyankomo
  • Aida
  • La-Traviata
  • Requiem CMass
  • La-Boheme
  • Princess Magogo
  • Carmen

Bucy Radebe’s Singing Career Gained National Prominence in 2012

Under Joel Maphosa, Bucy Radebe performed at the 2012 South Africa Youth Award. In the same 2012, she started working with Tebs David, who introduced her to Apostle Solly Mahlangu, for whom she has performed as a backup singer ever since. Bucy joined Tebs in ministration, and together, they have ministered in several African countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Swaziland, Rwanda, and Lesotho. Aside from Tebs, Bucy has also worked with the following artists:

She Became a Solo Artist in 2019

In 2018, Bucy Radebe gained entrance as a member of the Spirit of Praise 7 Choir, and in 2019, she flew solo in her music career. In November 2019, she started working on her debut album. The album “Spiritual Encounter” was officially released in 2020.

Since she went solo, Bucy has been under the management of her husband, Thapew Thoboke. He has helped in fueling her passion for music, and together, they have released several songs, some of which include:

  • Waze Wmuhle
  • AmaChorus
  • Neyi Zimu Medley (Tribute)
  • Sikuyo Indlela
  • Worrier’s Medley
  • Ndibeke
  • Ha Ke Khumama
  • Uzugcin’Impilo Yam’
  • Lebitso La Ngwana (Emmanuel)
  • Ke Tla Sejara Sefapano

Since the beginning of her solo music career, Bucy has released two albums: “Spiritual Encounter” and “From Supper to Calvary.”

Which Awards Has Bucy Radebe Won?

With her talent as a gospel artist, Bucy Radebe’s talent and signing career have not gone unrecognized these past years. She has earned some awards and recognitions, which include:

  • INGOMA (2021)
  • South African Music Award for Newcomer of the Year (2021)
  • South African Music Award for Best Traditional Faith Music Album (2021)
  • Crown Gospel Music Award (2020)

Bucy Radebe has acquired laudable achievements since the inception of her career. With the support and expertise of her manager-husband, the gospel-music crooner is well-set to achieve so much more.

Bucy Radebe’s Marriage to Thapelo Thoboke

Bucy is married to Thapelo’ TP’ Thoboke, of whom very little is known. He is only famous for being the husband cum manager of the talented singer. Regarding how they met, Bucy Radebe is one of those South African celebrities who crave privacy in their personal lives.

Thus, she has managed to keep details of her private life away from the media. We could not get verifiable details of how and when she met her husband Thapew Thoboke, when they got engaged, and when they officially got married.

Thapelo Thoboke Has Contributed Significantly to the Growth of Bucy’s Music Career

As earlier mentioned, Bucy Radebe’s husband, Thapew Thoboke, is also her Manager and Executive Producer. Though we found no details about when the couple met, we confirm that they were working together before their marriage and had been working together even after marriage.

The couple has an amazing personal and professional relationship, as evidenced by the success of Bucy’s music career over the years. They jointly own a record label, Polokego Music (pty) Ltd, and have released many songs together under the record label.

Bucy and Thapelo Are Parents to Two Children

Bucy Radebe has two kids with her husband. However, owing to her private nature, we were unable to find details of the children’s names, ages, and gender. However, it is hoped that as the kids get older and turn to adults, Bucy and maybe her husband Thapew might consider releasing information about them to the public. Perhaps, one or both of their kids might consider taking after Bucy.

The Couple’s COVID-19 Ordeal

On July 25, 2021, Bucy Radebe took to her Instagram page to disclose that she and her husband were recovering from a COVID-19 infection. She stated that they realized they had the virus in June 2021, and the infection was so severe she thought she would lose her husband. Thankfully, the couple successfully recovered and have since gone on to achieve incredible feats together.

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