Bucie Nqwiliso: The Songstress Opens Up On Drake’s Remake Of Her Hit Track Without Her Vocals


Contrary to what social media had to say about it, Bucie Nqwiliso has only positive things to say about Drake’s remake of her hit track Superman.

About a month ago, Canadian rapper Drake turned the track into a masterpiece with house maestro DJ Black Coffee. However, Bucie’s velvety vocals did not get a spot in the revamped song.

Instead, the new song titled Get It Together features British vocalist Jorja Smith. As a result, the song was met with mixed feelings from South Africans upon its release.

Nonetheless, though she kept mute over the matter for a while, Bucie has finally opened up, saying that she is cool with the way things played out.

She also pointed out the many benefits she stands to gain from the remake.

“I love my country. South Africans are beautiful and crazy. My take is from so many songs he could have chosen in the world, he chose a song with my voice in it. It’s my voice that made him fall in love with the song, that’s enough for me,” Bucie points out.

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“Whether they changed anything (It does not matter to me). I wrote the lyrics. She’s singing the melody exactly as it is. It’s not really a train smash.

Again, Bucie is hopeful that Drake would come looking for her someday because of what she has to offer.

“I’m just like Drake knows who Bucie is, so it’s all good. You will find me very soon. If you are going to take a song that has my voice in it that means very soon you are going to need that voice somewhere. Until then I’m patient.”

Besides, Bucie thinks Smith did a good job with the lyrics. The direction they took and the way she sang tells a different story.

“I like her voice, it’s very different. I like the interpretation of the song with them. The emotion and the song is different. What we sing about is different, even though is the same lyrics, but because of the feel and everything we are talking about it’s different. It’s not better than mine though,” Bucie teases.

The original version of the song was recorded when Bucie was a 21-year-old newbie in the industry.

Bucie Nqwiliso who is now 30 has flourished in her career over the years. Sequel to the success of her hit Rejoice featuring Black Motion, this week Bucie will drop the second single from her much-anticipated fifth album Rebirth. The single is titled Love Me Right.