Brown Mbombo Biography: What to Know About the Influencer

Brown Mbombo is a South African model and social media influencer whose birth name is Acastanho Mbombo. She has a twin sister named Blue Mbombo. The twins adopted the names ‘Blue’ and ‘Brown’ (which is the English meaning of their Portuguese names) when they realized that their friends had difficulty pronouncing their original names. Brown is well known for her curves, and despite having a child, she still looks amazing.

Summary of Brown Mbombo’s Biography

  • Full Name: Acastanho Mbombo
  • Nickname: Brown
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 15, 1989
  • Brown Mbombo’s Age: 34 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Brown Mbombo’s Children: One – Tinashe
  • Siblings: Azul Thandi Mbombo and Smanga Mbombo
  • Famous for: Being a social media influencer a d the sister of Blue Mbombo
  • Brown Mbombo’s Instagram: @brownmbombo

Who Is Brown Mbombo?

Brown Mbombi was born into a family with mixed ancestry as her father is not of African heritage. Sources say he is likely Portuguese because Brown’s real name is Acastanho, which is a Portuguese word for ‘Brown.’

She was born on the 15th of December 1989 and is presently 34 years old. Brown has a twin sister, Blue Mbombo, with who she celebrates her birthday. Birthdays are very memorable events for Brown and her sister, Blue, so they may throw a big party on the next one too.

Brown Mbombo Was Not Born Into A Wealthy Home

Brown Mbombo didn’t have the silver spoon upbringing, as she has disclosed that she and her sister grew up in a shack. The social media influencer was raised in Kutlwanong, Free State. However, irrespective of the family’s financial status at that time, their father always dreamt of a brighter future for them.

Not so much is known of her parents, but she credited her father for playing a crucial part in integrating them into the global world she has come to embrace. Recognizing that she and her sister lacked a decent command of the English language, which is important for them to fit into society, their father persuaded them to know English if they wanted to be successful.

They adhered to their father’s advice and jumped at the opportunity to learn the English language – a decision they are proud of even today.

She Has Two Siblings

As you already know, at this point, Brown Mbombo is not the only child of her parents. Besides her twin sister, Blue Thandi Mbombo, the 34-year-old also has a younger brother named Smanga Mbombo. Not much is known about her brother – who he is and where he is. From the looks of things, he does not appreciate a loud life – unlike his sisters.

Brown’s twin sister, on the other hand, is more famous than she is. Blue Mbombo, popularly known as the ‘Blue Duchess,’ is a South African model, reality TV star, and businesswoman. Her real name is ‘Azul,’ which means ‘Blue’ in Portuguese. Her academic pursuits saw her attend Rosebank College, Johannesburg, where she studied Public Relations.

She started her career in the entertainment industry as a model. Her modeling career started in 2004 when she was opportune to model for a new look hair salon. She was part of the modeling show Diamond in The Rough and won a scholarship from the show. She joined Big Brother Mzansi as a housemate for the 2015 season and was in the was till the last day as she came second on the show.

Brown Mbombo Is Not Open About Her Academic Qualifications

Brown Mbombo seems to be private about her academic experience. Therefore, she has not disclosed a detailed record of her academic pursuit and the various degrees she has acquired, unlike her twin sister Blue who is more open about her studies, degrees, and achievements.

Brown is a very successful model in South Africa – just like her sister but is not as outspoken as Blue. She has modeled for some well-known brands like Amor Flowers and Gentle Jack drink.

She Is Very Active On Instagram

Brown Mbombo has over 457k followers on Instagram. While it may not be as big as her twin sister, Blue, who is heading to a million followers, Brown has many followers.

On Instagram, she mostly shares pictures of herself looking so pretty and fashionable. Some of her posts have as high as 40,000 engagements. She also shares pictures and videos of brands she is endorsing.

Scrolling through her Instagram handle, you can’t help but notice her love for her twin sister. She is fond of sharing pictures of them making memories together, like their birthday and Blue’s baby shower.

Brown Mbombo’s Physique

We do not have details about Brown Mbombo’s body measurements, like her height and weight, but we do not need any evidence to declare that she is curvy and thick. Brown has a very beautiful body stature.

Despite being curvy, she only has fat in the right places and lacks them in the appropriate places like her stomach. She is so proud of her body. It is possible that Brown Mbombo currently serves body goals to many ladies who would not mind going under the knife to attain her type of body.

Who is Brown Mbombo’s Boyfriend?

Brown Mbombo

The only relationship Brown Mbombo has been open about is her relationship with Prince Kaybee, a music producer. They two met on social media, and love sparked for them after he commented about how beautiful her legs were in a picture she shared.

However, after dating for some time, they went their separate ways. According to Brown, she broke up with him because she did not get as much support from him as she expected when she lost her grandmother, Grace Tladi.

They were able to settle their differences and started dating again, but it did not change anything as they soon parted ways again.

Meet Brown Mbombo’s Son Named Tinashe

Brown Mbombo may not appear to many as a mother (because of her physique), but she has an adorable son Tinashe. And since her only known relationship is the one with Prince Kaybee, netizens are quick to assume he is the father of her son. But that is far from the truth, as she had her son even before she was in a relationship with Prince Kaybee.

Facts have it that while she was in a relationship with Prince, her son was already eight years old. At the moment, the identity of her baby daddy remains unknown as she has refused to disclose this detail to the media.

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