What This British Paedophile Did To Kids Will Send You Reeling


A Serial Paedophile of British descent who made a hobby out of preying on vulnerable children in a Kuala Lumpur slum while bragging about it on the internet faces a life term in jail on Friday.

The notorious 30-year-old serial pedophile Richard Huckle pleaded guilty to 71 counts of child sex offenses, including rape.

His mode of operation was to target children while posing as a volunteer working with Christian communities in the capital of Malaysia.

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Huckle’s youngest victim appeared to have been around six months old as he made it a point of duty to post pictures of the young boys and girls he abused on website True Love Zone (TLZ).

Matthew Long of Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) said: “he’s one of the most committed, manipulative, conniving pedophiles I have come across.”

An Australian investigation trapped Huckle on the dark web which is a hard-to-access part of the Internet often used for illegal activities.

The British serial Paedophile was also writing a guide to child abuse that he intended to publish to make a profit.

“Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids,” he said online.

The disturbing part is that he planned to “mould” one of his female victims into a “perfect wife” to allow him to get away with abusing more children in the future.

So far, investigators have identified 23 victims, 22 of whom are Malaysians and one a Cambodian. It is assumed that Huckle will be getting a life sentence since out of all the offenses Huckle has admitted, 22 carry a life sentence depending on the decision of the judge.

Meanwhile, the NCA has sparked off public criticism after it was made known that they took their time before paying a visit to Malaysia after Huckle’s arrest.

Assistant director of a special division dealing with such crimes, Ong Chin Lan, said on Thursday that Malaysian police still did not know the identities of Huckle’s victims as they continue to seek for more information from the NCA.

“We have asked for the information repeatedly and will continue to press them for more information for follow-up action,” state-run news agency Bernama quoted Ong as saying.

“So far, the victims have not been identified and the NCA only informed us about the incident about one month ago.”

Huckle was arrested by the British police in December 2004 from Kent in southeast England, at the London Gatwick Airport where his father was waiting to pick him up after he returned home from Malaysia to spend the Christmas holidays with his family.

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At the time of his arrest, he had with him a heavily-encrypted computer and camera containing over 20,0000 disturbing images of child sex abuse, many of which showed him in the act of rape and other sexual crimes.

A ledger in which the serial pedophile wrote down the abuse of 191 victims was also found by the police but without any photographic evidence.

Some of the disturbing videos showed children being forced to sexually abuse each other as other children watched and also children being urinated on.

Some of the young victims of the serial Paedophile were forced to hold up advertising signs for the pedophile website.

The owner of the website is a male Adelaide child worker Shannon Grant McCoole, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison last year. the criteria for staying a member of the site is to upload a regular supply of child abuse images.