You Won’t Believe What British Airways Plane Hit En Route Heathrow


A police report says a British Airways plane coming in from Geneva and heading for landing at Heathrow airport (Europe’s busiest airport) on Sunday, hit an object believed to be a drone midair.

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This was revealed by a pilot on the British Airways Plane who is convinced that something more like a drone must have hit the plan en route Heathrow terminal where the plane was supposed to make its landing.

However, the pilots successfully made a clean landing at Heathrow Terminal Five and the plane was certified to be in a good condition to make another flight.

“A pilot on an inbound flight into Heathrow Airport from Geneva reported to police that he believed a drone had struck the aircraft,” a spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police said.

“The flight landed at Heathrow Terminal Five safely. It transpired that an object, believed to be a drone, had struck the front of the aircraft”.

Speaking for the British Airways, a spokesperson said that after landing, the plane had been fully examined and was cleared to operate its next flight without any hitches.

There was a total of 132 passengers and 5 crew members flying on board the plane when the incident took place

Several near-misses involving drones have been reported at British airports in recent years, including one on July 22, 2014 which came close to an Airbus A320 passenger jet at London Heathrow.

The aviation police based at Heathrow Airport have launched an investigation into the incident. So far, no arrests have been made by the police. This will mark the first of its kind in the UK if it could be confirmed to be true.

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The airport also promised to render any possible help to the police to ensure they get to the root of this mysterious occurrence.

A spokesman for Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it was “totally unacceptable” to fly drones very close to the airports, if found guilty of violating these rules and guidelines, it could result to “severe penalties, including imprisonment”.