#BringBackJuju Campaign: ANCYL Leader Has Endorsed The Move


Reports have it that the ANCYL Leader, Collen Maine has proclaimed his support for the #BringBackJuju campaign.

Yesterday, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the Mpumalanga premier, David Mabuza was leading a move to bring back the EFF leader, Julius Sello Malema to the ANC.

David Mabuza who’s also, the Mpumalanga ANC chairman reportedly declared before the ANCYL provincial general council (PGC) in Mbombela that the African National Congress party lost its strength when Juju was expelled.

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Mabuza was quoted to have said:

“You members of the ANCYL, go back to your branches and bring back members that have left the ANC.

I myself am considering bringing Malema back into the ANC. I am following him, he might be talking too much, but it is better if he spoke like that in the ANC. When I bring him back you must welcome him.”

Reacting to Mabuza’s proclamation about bringing back Julius Malema to ANC, EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) issued a statement saying the move is a selfish attempt by Mabuza to raise his profile and make news.

The Fighters further stated that “Julius Malema will never be recruited into any political work or formation by a kleptocrat like Mabuza.”

To them, Mabuza represents everything that is wrong about the ruling party. EFF said:

“Mabuza, who represents nothing ideologically, has taken a decision to use the name of the CIC in his campaign towards the ANC conference.

We know for sure that he does not mean any of the things he is saying just like those in the ANC who are talking about the land.

They are all claiming that they believe in land expropriation without compensation; but we are not fooled because they only use this to gain public attention for their aims to take over the ANC.

He is like Zuma’s first-born kleptomaniac. Like all kleptocrats they suffer deep ideological bankruptcy because all they know is corruption.”

Thereafter, the Fighters specified that Malema “is leading a glorious people’s alternative, the EFF which is very close to collapsing DD Mabuza’s ANC.

“The future has written the ANC off because it betrayed the people and the African Revolution. EFF is the future and no one can stop it,” charged the Fighters.

Irrespective of the above, the ANCYL leader told Sowetan Live that Mabuza’s move to bring Juju back to the ANC is cool.

Collen Maine reportedly said: “The ANC is a big elephant, but if many people leave, the elephant will collapse. We must do everything in our power to prevent the elephant from collapsing.

“If bringing (back) people who were expelled will assist the ANC, let us bring them back. The ANC is a home for everybody. We need each other in the ANC,” added Maine.

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Records have it that the ANC suspended Malema for five years and subsequently, expelled him for sowing division and bringing the party into disrepute.

Then, it was widely expressed that Mr Malema’s political career is forever ruined. It was never imagined that he’ll lead a political party that would become a thorn in ANC’s butt.