Brian Molefe’s Reinstatement As Eskom CEO Is Unfortunate And Reckless – ANC


South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) condemned Brian Molefe’s reinstatement as Eskom CEO saying it’s unfortunate and reckless.

It emerged earlier that Mr Molefe has been reinstated as Eskom CEO and is set to occupy his previous office come Monday.

You’ll recall that Molefe resigned after he was implicated in the infamous State Capture allegations. Shortly after Mr Molefe left  Eskom, he bagged a political position and became an ANC member of Parliament.

Later, it was exposed that the former Eskom CEO received R30.1 million as severance and Eskom pension fund pay. Of course, the pay raised eyebrows and Minister Lynne Brown eventually rejected the pay Eskom handed Molefe.

Rejecting the pay, the Public Enterprise Minister indicated that Eskom board did not consult nor inform her of the R30 million payout decision.

She upheld that the pay lacked legal rationale and cannot be substantiated as a performance reward because Molefe has already been granted a performance bonus.

Thus, she asked the board to review the R30.1 million pay. Now, it’s said that Eskom board’s decision to reinstate Molefe was inspired by the failure to reach an agreement on the amount to pay him.

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Paying little attention to the factors that inspired Brian Molefe’s reinstatement, ANC condemned the move as unfortunate and reckless.

ANC pointed out that Mr Molefe “left Eskom under a cloud” after the release of the Public Protector’s State Capture report.

“The report while still under review, made observations against Mr Molefe which, at the time, he had deemed serious and significant enough to warrant his resignation.

“Amongst others, he cited the interests of the company, good corporate governance and the interest of the public, as underlying his departure from the utility.

“None of the observations against Mr Molefe, so significant at the time, have been conclusively set aside and Mr Molefe’s own commitment to fully clear his name is still pending.

“…Therefore, to reinstate him to his former position without these matters being resolved is tone deaf to the South African public’s absolute exasperation and anger at what seems to be government’s lackluster and lackadaisical approach to dealing decisively with corruption – perceived or real,” stated the ruling party.

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Thereafter, ANC promised that it will seek an engagement with the Minister of Public Enterprises in order to fix the mess.

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