Rebecca Malope Recounts How Brenda Fassie Inspired Her Career


In a tell it all interview on Real Talk with Anele Mdoda, singer Rebecca Malope recounted how Brenda Fassie and a R10 reward turned her life around for the best.

Today, Rebecca is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s biggest stars. She is a multi-award winning gospel singer who has achieved a lot of success in the decades that she has been in the industry.

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But, we never imagined that the late Brenda Fassie played any part in the actualization of Rebecca’s dreams. Speaking to Anele recently‚ Rebecca opened up about how she grabbed an opportunity to sing for Brenda. She gate crashed her show and sang so well that she got a R10 reward from the singer.

“Brenda came to Mpumalanga with Blondie. They had a concert at the community hall. We were these naughty little kids. We didn’t have money to pay so we sneaked in. We were those kids that gather outside. So‚ we ran in the hall and sat in the front. I was short and I was in the front. I wanted to see Brenda Fassie‚” Rebecca explained.

Imagine what it feels like being in the same room with your idol. And it got even better when Brenda stopped her performance to offer a R10 reward to anyone who could sing her next song.

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“I ran to the stage‚ because I was right in front‚ and took the microphone and sang. And she gave me R10‚” Rebecca added.

Apparently, that was all singer Rebecca Malope needed to help her realise that she really wanted to be a singer. She also adopted some of Brenda’s tricks, including giving away money to fans who can sing her songs.