Brave Woman Successfully Saves Husband From Crocodile Attack


Just a month after a crocodile attack was reported on an 18-year-old-girl, a brave wife succeeded in saving her husband’s life after she struggled with a crocodile to pluck her husband from its jaws along the Okavango River that flows through Namibia.

The woman, Elizabeth Shintango told reporters how she struggled to free her husband, Mathew Kativa, from the clutches of the crocodile during the crocodile attack even as it pulled him deeper into the river.

Shintango said she thought all hope was lost in her fight with the beast to save her husband, when his hand surfaced from underneath the water.

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Shintango narrated that the crocodile made a final attempt to recover its prey after she pulled him to safety, but then it gave up the fight and retreated back into the river.

The man Kativa, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for a severed right hand and several other injuries. Kativa’s condition remained stable as he continued to receive treatment.

This crocodile attack comes just a month after an 18-year-old girl survived a crocodile attack along the same river. The girl was fortunate to have had her friends wrestle her from the jaws of the beast.

The young woman managed to walk away with her life though the attack left her with an injured leg.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that there have been several crocodile attacks at the Okavango River. One of the recent attacks which took place in December last year led to the death of a schoolgirl who was swimming in the area.

There was an outburst in the Kavango East community after the girl’s scarred body was found in the crocodile infested water.

The Riverside residents who rely on the Okavango river for water have become easy targets to crocodile attacks.

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