Bra Hugh Won’t Be Caught Photographing With Any Artificial Or Straightened Hair Around


The legendary Bra Hugh made the above rule to wedge war against women who patronize weaves and straighten their natural black hair.

Aside making a rule of not snapping pictures with women wearing artificial hair, Hugh Masekela has reportedly increased his security protocol to restrict women wearing weaves from even coming close to him.

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And if you think he would loosen up around fellow celebrities, then you are in for a shocker. Apparently, the musician is allergic to weaves no matter who wears them.

In a picture posted on her Instagram page, TV personality Dineo Ranaka explained what she had to go through to get in the picture with Bra Hugh. According to Dineo, she had to cover her weave with a “blankie” so that she could have a picture with the legendary musician.

She captioned the post;

“So all I had in my possession was a blankie and I was very happy to wrap my hair in it for a photograph with him! It’s a true story ladies — Bra Hugh (I prefer to call him Ntate Hugh but he insists on Bra Hugh) will not be photographed with any artificial or straightened hair!! Lol!”

While some women would have let their pride get the best of them, Dineo wasn’t offended by Hugh’s demand. She simply covered her hair to enjoy a remarkable moment with the legend.

“Most are offended by this‚ however I’ve learnt to not let the opinions or preferences of others kill my joy. Respecting each other’s differences and being open to meet one another half way makes life and it’s precious moments all the more pleasurable — I refuse to let ego rob me of a moment to smile and be merry! We laughed a lot in this moment — he’s a lovely man!”

The smile on their faces is enough to say it was worth it.