Boom Shaka Singer Theo Shares His Dark Days As He Bounces Back


Former child star and Boom Shaka singer Theo Nhlengethwa is gradually bouncing back after passing through a life threatening ordeal.

During an interview, the kwaito star revealed that it has not been an easy journey since his days as a child star.

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Subsequently, things became even harder with the death of the Boom Shaka lead singer Lebo Mathosa, who was killed in a car accident in 2006.

Theo is now 41 and has since been battling with depression to the extent of becoming suicidal for many years. He battled with the depression and all till December 2014, when his health took a bad turn.

Theo reportedly woke up one day in terrible pain in his mum’s house on the East Rand, Joburg.

“I had this unbearable headache,” he said. “I screamed for my mum because the house was spinning and I couldn’t see. I was rushed to a clinic and they put me on a drip and released me shortly afterwards. But I could feel I was not well.”

In addition, public scrutiny and speculation over his health issues also contributed to Boom Shaka singer Theo’s deteriorating health.

There were reports that he was HIV positive, which was confirmed to be false. Thus, after series of tests, doctors finally identified that Theo had suffered a stroke.

Luckily, the singer is now trying to recover, and ready to bid farewell to the dark days of his depression. His statement revealed he had been to hell and back all these years.

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“I would pray every night that I would make it through the night to the next morning,” he recalls. “And every morning I would thank God to have made it.”

The good news is that Theo made it out of his days and is ready to make more music. All the best bro…xoxo.