Kenya: Shun Contraception, We Need More Voters – MP Boniface Otsiula


Boniface Otsiula a Kenyan Member of Parliament, recommended that women in his constituency should stop using contraceptives and give birth to many children in order to boost the number of voters in the constituency. He went as far as promising to pay pregnant women as a way to encourage them to have more babies.

The Kenyan Parliament member said this while speaking at Ng’oli Secondary School over the weekend. He blamed the region’s inability to produce a president on the low population in the region which is mainly caused by the use of contraceptives.

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Boniface Otsiula said that his constituency had a low population turn out because of the fact that majority of their women were using family planning methods which prevented them from giving birth to more children, thus the low number of voters.

According to Boniface Otsiula, “the constituency needed enough children who would grow to be voters instead of killing them using the family planning methods”.

“Our brothers in Central and Rift Valley regions lead in population because majority of them do not use the family planning methods. If we want to lead this nation in future, let’s avoid using the family planning methods so we can have enough voters to propel us to State House,” he said.

To buttress his point, the legislator promised to award pregnant women in his constituency with cash, as an incentive to motivate them to give birth to as many children as possible.

Boniface Otsiula said that low population in the constituency had already cost them a lot over the years and it was time to strategize on how to secure more votes for future elections. According to the legislator, the region took long to be declared a constituency in the nation because it had only 85,000 people which was less than the required 200,000.

“Having enough numbers ensures that we enjoy the government resources allocation compared to other counties and therefore we should strive to have a bigger population that can give us the bargaining power in the national government,” he said.

“We could have become a constituency long time ago, but it delayed because of the low population. The law states that for an area to be made a constituency, it should have a population of 200 000 people, but then we had only 85 000 people in the whole of Bumula 15 years ago which was a great set back,” said Otsiula.

He stated that if the western region had a high population, they could bargain for a bigger slot in the national government with reference to their numbers.

“We should strive to have a higher population that can give us the bargaining power in the national government,” he said.

Boniface Otsiula is said to be eyeing the Bungoma gubernatorial seat in the 2017 general elections.