Bonang Matheba Has 2 Siblings, Reabetswe Sechoaro and Thabo Mokoena – Meet Them

Bonang Matheba has two half-siblings named Reabetswe Sechoaro and Thabo Mokoena. The former is the oldest of the sibling and she is a product of a relationship between Bonang’s father, Gampi Matheba, and an unknown woman. Thabo, who is the youngest, on the other hand, shares the same mother (Charlotte Mokoena) with Bonang. Their mother had her with her second husband after her divorce from Bonang’s father.

Having a celebrity sibling who is more popular and successful than you are doesn’t in any way make one less awesome. Bonang Matheba may be a household name and also have all the attention on her side, but she still sticks closer to her lovely siblings – Reabetswe Sechoaro and Thabo Mokoena. Bonang Matheba’s siblings are simply amazing. The trio has been through a whole lot, but they’ve never allowed their challenges to weigh them down.

On several occasions, they’ve proved they have one another’s backs, and it’s amazing to know that they really look out for one another. Matheba is the most popular amongst the three siblings for obvious reasons. Thabo and Reabetswe are also doing well in their own right and are proud of their individual and collective achievements as siblings.

Summary Of Bonang Matheba’s Family Profile

  • Father’s Name: Gampi Matheba
  • Mother’s Name: Charlotte Mokoena
  • No Of Siblings: 2
  • Siblings: Reabetswe Sechoaro, Thabo Mokoena
  • Tribe: Setswana
  • Reabetswe’s Occupation: Model
  • Thabo’s Occupation: Unavailable

Bonang Matheba, Reabetswe, And Thabo Are Half-Siblings

Bonang Matheba may have been under the spotlight for a long time, but some aspects of her personal life still fly under the radar. One of such is her relationship with her siblings. While most people know that the actress has two siblings, only a few individuals are aware that they were not born by the same parents.

Although Bonang, Reabetswe, and Thabo are half-siblings, they are very close to one another than most biological siblings. Like most kids from well-to-do homes, Bonang Matheba’s siblings were raised with so much love and affection, even though they grew up in different homes.

Sometime in 2017, Bonang’s mother shared during an interview that the best parents could do for their kids is to instill powerful values in them so that they can easily handle challenges as they grow. She asserted in response to the negative vibes and hate comments some people throw at her daughter.

According to her, people, especially those on social media, give what they have – be it love, hatred, encouragement, and whatnots. At the end of the interview, Bonang’s mother was applauded for standing up for the truth and grooming the actress to become a strong and courageous woman.

Miss. Matheba has so many potentials and is an inspiration to most South African youths. Despite being young, she has achieved so much and also surpassed most of her contemporaries both in South Africa and beyond. She is indeed an industry favorite.

Reabetswe Is The Oldest Of The Trio

Reabetswe Sechoaro was born a couple of years before her celebrity sister was born, as per wiki. Not much is known about her personal life, especially circumstances surrounding her birth and other vital information. However, we can establish that Reabetswe was born in South Africa. The particular date, month, and year her mother gave birth to her is not public knowledge.

Bonang Matheba's siblings
Reabetswe: Image Source

Sechoaro came from Bonang’s father’s intimate relationship with a South African woman whose identity is yet to be publicly revealed. As gathered, she picked up the name ‘Sechoaro’ (which many believe is her mother’s name) because she wanted to step out of her sister’s shadow and carve her own niche. Reabetswe doesn’t want to get to the top of the industry ladder by being identified as ‘Bonang’s sister’ that’s why she decided to grow her craft using a different name. Information about Reabetswe’s biological mother is not readily available for public scrutiny.

Thabo Mokoena Is The Youngest Of The Siblings

Thabo was born in 1998, in South Africa. Further details about his birth are unavailable for public consumption. He shares the same mother with Bonang, popularly known as Queen B. Their mother, Charlotte Mokoena, had Thabo with her second husband after her divorce from Bonang’s father, Gampi Matheba.

The name of Charlotte’s second husband is not publicly known, likewise information about her divorce, second marriage, and how she has been fairing since she remarried. Thabo and Bonang’s mom works at the Sandton-based energy and chemical company, Sasol Limited. She serves as the company’s vice-president for Human Resource and Corporate Affairs.

Thabo’s biological father is not known to the media. He seems to be a private individual and someone who doesn’t crave public attention. This explains why information about his personal life and profession is still under the radar.

Bonang Matheba’s Siblings Are Doing Great As Well, Reabetswe Is No Stranger To The Spotlight

Bonang Matheba's siblings
Reabetswe Sechoaro: Image Source

Reabetswe Sechoaro may have a shorter resume than her celebrity sister, but she is definitely no stranger to the spotlight. She has worked with notable people in the entertainment industry and traveled to places as a public figure.

Bonang’s younger sister is a successful model, whose popularity skyrocketed after she was crowned as Miss International South Africa 2018. Before she emerged as Miss International South Africa, she competed for Miss South Africa 2016 but lost the crown to Mkhondo, Mpumalanga-born model, Ntandoyenkosi Kunene.

Sechoaro is being represented by the agency, Ice Models. Through her agency, she has taken part in numerous modeling engagements both locally and internationally. Besides modeling, she has also been involved in charity work for many years. In 2017, she was signed as one of the ambassadors of the local swimwear brand, Himeros.

The fast-rising model reportedly studied Accounting Science studies at Unisa. She credits her sister Bonang, her mother, and aunt for the level of success she has attained in her career. According to her, Queen B gave her a few tips on how to survive and become successful in the industry. Bonang Matheba’s siblings are loved for their loyalty to their sister.

Where Is Thabo Mokoena And What Has He Been Up?

Thabo Mokoena is still in Mzansi, working out ways to become successful like his elder sister, Bonang. He has finished his matric, but no one knows exactly what he’s been up to as he keeps a low profile on his personal life. It’s unclear if he intends to follow in his big sister’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the entertainment industry – no one from their family has ever mentioned about Thabo’s field of interest.

Like his celebrity sister, Mr. Mokoena has eyes for luxurious cars. On his 18th birthday, he reached out to Bonang and asked her to buy him Mercedes-AMG C63 for his birthday. In response, Queen B promised to buy him the exotic ride after seeing his matric results.

Bonang’s garage is littered with fancy wheels, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, Maybach S500, Range Rover, and a BMW i8. The South African multi-hyphenate is also a proud owner of houses, one of which she bought at the age of 22.

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