Bonang Matheba Brand: TV Star Reveals Where Her Money Goes


Bonang Matheba Brand: There’s no doubt that the TV star is so guaped, but now we know what she spends all the money on.

The renowned TV personalty has never been ashamed to show her love for the finer things in life. And with an estimated income of R200k just from her Revlon deal, Bonang sure has a lot of money to buy the things she loves the most.

In a new documentary, Six Zeros to My Name, the TV star opened up about growing up and ambitions.

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Born in Mahikeng, Bonang lived there for a few years before moving to Johannesburg with her parents. She stayed in Hillbrow for a while before moving to Pimville, in Soweto, to live with her grandmother.

While Bonang’s parents were not living together most of the time, she admitted she had an amazing childhood. Though she always craved to have her family together; her mother and father together and growing up with siblings and all, that was something she did not have.

But, don’t get it twisted. This did not stop her parents from showering her with lots of love.

“But my parents gave me more than that. They gave me love and attention. It was a physical separation, but the love they had for each other and me outweighed everything that was happening around me.”

Among the things we discovered about the Bonang Matheba Brand through the documentary include;

She spends her money on securing the future, having it in mind that no one knows tomorrow. She paid off her first house at age 22 and bought another one at 29. Also, she’s crazy about fashion, especially shoes. Thus, she confessed to spending a lot of money on them.

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“I’m terrible, I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have, honestly. Maybe 200, 300.”

And she used to cry privately when reading the bad comments about her on social media. Nevertheless, she always finds a way to live above the bad vibes.

Watch the TV star talk about the Bonang Matheba brand here: