Boity Confirms Break-Up With Cassper; Tells How Fairytale Romance Crashed


It’s no news in the entertainment industry to have couples break up. It has in fact become a norm for artists not only in Africa but also in world entertainment industries to be faced with a short-lived relationships characterized by heartbreaks, separations and divorces. The latest is about popular showbiz couple who went public with their relationship in April last year who are no longer together.

The ex-couple who started dating early last year in secrecy later admitted to their relationship in a campaign for clothing label Legit which Boity was working at the time. They were spotted on several occasions at events together and would even upload happy snaps of each other on their social media pages but today, they both sing their crash story.

Boity appeared in the latest issue of True Love magazine where she spoke on relationship matters between her and rapper Cassper Nyovest which led to their break-up.

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Boity explained that the major bone of contention that led to their break-up was centered around time management adding that they both are too busy to create time for their relationship to work out. She said;

“We broke up in December and I cried up about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that its okay then eventually you are just like life actually continues.

…not once did I ever feel like he has cheated on me or giving someone else attention. There was never a time we fought about any girl, he was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans. Funny enough the female fans just showed me so much respect as well.”

You can agree with me that time management has been the major factor that characterized most failed relationships especially with celebrities.

Truth is, no one wants to be hitched with one who honors career over the relationship in question. All relationships need time and consistency; couples need to keep up with each other’s lives, look into each other’s eyes and be in the same physical space to feel the mood and emotions from each other. Without that, we might still love each other, but staying “in love” demands much more than occasional get-togethers to catch up.

It is a known fact that celebrities got famous as a result of their talents, crafts and handiwork and lots more
But making that career a priority on the home front might be one of the greatest undoing that causes marriage failure.

We are hopeful that our South African celebrities show more responsibility in their relationships because like their careers, their lifestyle also matters a lot  especially as their numerous fans are following their foot steps.

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