Boingotlo Nthebe – It’s Not Zuma’s Responsibility To Create Jobs


Thus saith Boingotlo Nthebe, an ANC MP – the responsibility of creating jobs for South Africans isn’t that of His Excellency, President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma.

Boingotlo Nthebe made the assertion on Tuesday at a gathering of the National Council of Provinces. The gathering was having a debate about the essence of Worker’s Day in the country.

Contributing to the debate, Boingotlo Nthebe contended that President Zuma’s duty as the leader of South Africa isn’t creating jobs but to initiate policies and create a platform for the private sector to implement the policies.

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Nthebe sentiment was a reply to a question posed by Democratic Alliance (DA) MP Willem Faber. Faber wanted to know if President Zuma’s contribution to the downgrading of South Africa economy to junk status is having a detrimental effect on workers.

In response, Boingotlo Nthebe said to Faber: “I will not speculate, but I will teach you. It is not Jacob Zuma’s responsibility to create jobs.”

Coming in for Faber, another DA MP, Catherine Labuschagne asked why Zuma promised to create more jobs for South Africans during his State of the Nation Address in February if it isn’t his responsibility to create jobs.

To that, the ANC MP said: “As the head of state and the leader of the government in charge, you pronounce a statement of intent. You then go out and you invest in the country with the creation of labour relations, and (with) all the laws in the country, you create a conducive environment to create jobs.”

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DA MPs harassed Nthebe with intrusive questions while he was striving to substantiate his stance. But, the ANC MP quieten down the DA guys when he accused the DA of supporting the domination of capital over workers.

“Workers in this country build houses they can’t afford to live in. Workers in this country go to work, and they come back not knowing what they are going to eat. We know what you represent,” stated Nthebe.

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