Boerewors Recipe: History, Competition, Preparation & More


Boerewors and boerewors recipe, known to be one of the best African sausage in the world; is a type of sausage popular in South African cuisine.

The name is gotten from the Afrikaans words boer (which means “farmer”) and wors (which means “sausage”).

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Boerewors Recipe

With the invasion of the Dutch into South Africa, the locals picked up a few things from them and that was sausage making. Of cause, they couldn’t make the sausage exactly how the Dutch did, but with a little improvising here and there, Boerewors was brought to life.

Boerewors is not just a favourite in South Africa, but also loved and prepared in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique. It is also a favourite outside the African borders in places like Australia, United States and Canada, just to list a few.

Boerewors World Record And Competitions In South Africa

South Africans love their barbeque, famously known as braai. In reference to this, South Africa holds the Guinness World Record for braaing the longest boerewors in the world. This record was broken on the 3rd of May 2014, the boerewors was over 1,557 meters long.

Furthermore, the braaing and making of boerewors has become an engaging type of competition in South Africa. This activity has slowly moved from just a mere competition, to a business making venture. With big chain supermarkets such as Shoprite, who hosts a yearly competition, with the winner having their boerewors or recipe produced and sold Nationwide.

Boerewors Recipe

The boerewors competition is a win-win for all parties, it doesn’t just create an opportunity for the competitors, but it’s a fun activity to get guests entertained and win various prizes.

Types Of Boerewors

There are various types of boerewors, depending on the type of meat or spices used. In such cases, they are not officially known as boerewors anymore, but rather named after the region, spice or type of meat used. Such examples include: Garlic wors, chilli wors, camel thorn (kameeldoring), cheese wors, chicken wors, karoowors, spekwors

Boerewors Recipe

  1. Beef, as well as lamb, pork or a mixture.
  2. Various spices of choice (coriander, nutmeg powder, thyme, allspice, salt, black pepper, sugar)
  3. Red wine (dry) or vinegar
  4. Sausage casings

Boerewors Preparation

Mince all beef and pork, and then get your spices ready. This could be done by lightly roasting your spice mixture, till it’s smooth and aromatic.

Once your spice is ready, rub it through your minced meat, as you evenly pour some wine or vinegar around.

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The next step is filling the casing, once this is done well (do not make it too full or too loose), your boerewors will be ready for the braai. The filling is usually done with a sausage filler, to make it easier and avoid wastage.

Boerewors is usually grilled outdoors, in an oven or pan-fried. Whichever process you go with, don’t let it burn.

Best Ways To Have Boerewors

Boerewors Recipe

Boerewors is best eaten with bread, something like a hotdog style, along with some chips. Boerewors can also be taken with maize meal, popularly know as pap.

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