Bobby Van Jaarsveld Married His Wife Annatjie Rheeders at Age 24 – A Look At His Family

Bobby Van Jaarsveld got married to his wife, Annatjie Rheeders in 2011. At the time, Bobby was 24 while Annatjie was also about the same age. Despite getting married at such a young age, the couple has been able to keep their union going to date. 

Professionally known as Bobby van Jaarsveld, Pieter van Jaarsveld is a 37-year-old South African singer, actor, songwriter, and model. He has continued to bless the hearts of many South Africans with his wonderful voice and life-changing lyrics since he got his breakthrough in 2006. Born Pieter van Jaarsveld, he was nicknamed “Bobby” by his father and this has become his stage name. Although he started as a musician, he soon diversified into acting and modeling.

His first music album ‘n Duisend Ure was released in 2006 after he signed a contract with Theuns Jordaan Productions, and since then, he has produced several other albums, eight singles, and featured in two movies. Just like his career, he has also had a really successful marriage.

Summary of Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Biography

  • Full name: Pieter van Jaarsveld
  • Nickname: Bobby van Jaarsveld
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 6, 1987
  • Place of birth: Paarl, Western Cape
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Age: 37 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Wife: Annatjie van Jaarsveld (m. 2011)
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Children: Armani van Jaarsveld, Sion van Jaarsveld, Leben van Jaarsveld
  • Siblings: 2
  • Education: Brits High School
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actor, model
  • Label: Coleske Artists
  • Year active: 2001-date
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 11 inches
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Weight: 78 kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Net worth: $4 million
  • Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s Instagram: bobbyvanjaarsveld
  • Twitter: @bobbyvjaarsveld

Unlike Most Of His Peers, Bobby Van Jaarsveld Got Married At The Age Of 24

In the days and times we live in, it is not a very common thing to see young men who are willing to settle down in their early or mid-20s. Most men at this age are usually still trying to become financially stable, while those who already have financial blessings will prefer to explore and enjoy their youth.

But Bobby Van Jaarsveld had a better definition of enjoying your youth. He did not waste time settling down with the love of his life at the age of 24 and spending a better part of his youth being a dedicated husband and father. A lot of people may think that he got married too early and as such may not be able to stay in the marriage. On the contrary, he has been able to grow and nurture his marriage with his beautiful wife, Annatjie Rheeder for a decade and still counting.

Bobby Van Jaarsveld Proposed To His High School Love On Her Birthday In 2010

Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s relationship with Annatjie Rheeder started in high school, but things were not always so straightforward for them as they were going on and off. However, one thing remained constant and that was the love they had for each other that kept them for seven years together before marriage.

When it was time to make that marital decision, Bobby Van Jaarsveld traveled all the way to America and Israel to ensure that getting married to her was the right thing to do. When he was convinced that she was the right person to spend forever with, he returned to South Africa and wasted no time in finding the perfect engagement ring for her.

Luckily for him, her birthday was also by the corner and he planned a birthday party for her to propose. On the 10th of August, 2010, he popped the question as she celebrated in front of friends at her birthday party and she said Yes.

Wedding preparations started immediately and five months after the proposal, in January 2011, they got married. Their beautiful wedding ceremony happened on a beach with Bobby and his friends donning white tops and trousers while the bride wore a beautiful wedding gown that was perfect for her body figure.

Annatjie Rheeder Is An Entrepreneur

The singer’s fame and affluence have rubbed off on his beautiful wife Annatjie Rheeder and he featured her in his music video. He also uploads pictures of her on social media, although she is not as famous as he is.

While Bobby is breaking ground in the entertainment and modeling industry, Annatjie Rheeder is focused on building a business with her friend-turned-business partner, Suzanne van der Merwe. Their business is called ‘Snugg Homes‘. It was launched in 2020 and has been doing so well in the market.

Through the positive reception from people with their first product, they decided to expand the business to include homeward, soft furnishings, and cushions. They have also partnered with brands like VELD Boerseep for skin and fabric care products/services and Crafted Polo Life luxury leatherware for luggage products

The Couple Has Three Children Together

After their wedding, Bobby Van Jaarsveld and his wife, Annatjie Rheeder now Anna van Jaarsveld started their journey to parenthood almost immediately. Just two weeks after the wedding, She got pregnant with their first child, Sion, who was born on the 24th of October 2011.

Currently, they are proud parents of two handsome boys. Their other son named Leben is 11 years old as he was born on the 20th of December 2012. The third child is a beautiful girl named Armani who is 8 years old and was born on the 7th of March 2016.

Two years after the birth of their daughter, they moved from their home in Pretoria to Ballito. Another noteworthy thing about Bobby Van Jaarsveld and his wife is that they are devout Christians and they train their children in the Christian faith.

Bobby Van Jaarsveld And His Family Always Take Quality Time For Family Vacation

Despite Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s busy schedule as a singer, songwriter, actor, and model, and his wife’s tight schedule with her business, they always create time for each other and their children.

Scrolling through Bobby’s Instagram account, you will notice with ease that the family is always out to have fun. Sometimes they travel out of South Africa to countries like Israel, Mozambique, Maldives, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, and at other times, they just find a nice place in the country to chill.

Bobby Van Jaarsveld Started His Career Professionally In High School

Bobby has been active in the music industry since 2001, his high school days. He released his first solo album in his last year in high school. And just five years into his professional music career, he bagged the award of ‘Best New Comer’ at the Huisgenoot Tempo Awards in 2006. As the award winner, he was given a slot to perform at Skouspel Extravaganza hosted in Sun City for five years. He stopped performing at Skouspel Extravaganza the same year he got married.

The same year he won the award for ‘Best New Comer’, he was offered a recording contract by Theuns Jordaan, the record label under which he released his first album in 2006. Three years later, he dropped his second album titled ‘Net Vir Jou’. That particular album happened to be his hit album as it went platinum in just 8 weeks after its release.

Since then, he has gone ahead to release other albums, including ‘Wat Geld Nie Kan Koop Nie’, ‘Maak ‘n Wens’, and ‘Die Eerste 10 Jaar’. He has also dropped several singles with the latest being ‘Sprokie’ featuring dancehall and reggae DJ, Early B. It was released in 2020.

Bobby has also been featured in two movies. His first acting gig was in 2010 in the movie Liefling – Die Movie. In 2013, he was featured in As Jy Sing.


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