Bloemfontein Granny Beaten To Death With Hammer At Home


More times than I bother to remember, I’ve heard and read that our nation is great, a home for the brave they say she is, and a free land. But it is not. We’ve given a false likeness of freedom in the country. We’re not free, surely we aren’t. If we were, we’d allow South Africans the freedom to live their lives to the full without cutting it short in the most inhumane manner like the Bloemfontein granny who was ruthlessly murdered with a Hammer at her home.

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Our history abounds in instances of man-slaughterers who do not have the courage to let others live. From farm attacks to many other obscure reasons South Africans kill each other, murder and crime is the freedom of South Africa. It’s as though the criminals have the right to remain perplex offenders perpetuating horrific crimes.

This week, another young woman was brutally raped and killed in Bredasdorp, near the same spot where Anene Booysen (another victim) was raped and disemboweled in 2013.

We need no diviner to tell that the heinous incident points to the many South African women who are excessively exposed to sexual assault, rape and murder every other day in the country. It’s apparent to all that the sense of safety and security guaranteed by our Constitution is threatened and that we are all unsafe.

The most brutal criminal in a sane country is compassionate towards the elderly. But we’ve long accepted that compassion is not a thing to expect from South African criminals.

Free State police confirmed yesterday that a 70-year-old Bloemfontein granny was beaten to death with a hammer in her Bloemfontein home. Like in many scenarios, the motive for the killing is unknown.

Constable Wendy Nkabi related that nothing was stolen from the widow’s house and that her neighbors last saw her on Sunday night.

South Africa ought to be a democratic society for all who live in it. It ought to be a society where women, the old and weak live their lives without fear of harm and danger.

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