Pieter Groenewald: BLF Urges ‘Land Thief’ To Bring On The War


Thus saith the Black First Land First movement – Pieter Groenewald is a settler-colonialist and land thief, we (BLF) welcome his declaration of war against black people.

Last week, we reported that Pieter Groenewald, leader of the right-wing Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) warned that the move to expropriate land without compensation will trigger a civil war in South Africa.

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BLF belives Groenewald’s comment was a declaration of war against black South Africans. The movement welcomed it, affirming that the FF Plus leader “was honest when he said whites would take up arms to defend the land they stole from blacks.

“That’s honest and truthful. We as BLF welcome such honest expressions of white aggression,” started BLF.

Adding that whites used “arms of war” and not legal means to obtain land in the country, BLF blamed the Fighters (EFF) for handing Groenewald the audacity to declare war on blacks.

To BLF, Groenewald’s boldness has everything to do with “the strategic and ideological blunders (of) the EFF who are in alliance” with land thieves.

“EFF has given political power to the very same people who stole our land. Democratic Alliance (DA) Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, and her comment about colonialism is no less vile and violent than the declaration of war by FF Plus.

“We note that EFF leader, Julius Malema, is still in coalition with the DA as per instructions from London, despite Malema telling the nation that should Zille not be removed as premier, the EFF would end the coalition.

“Malema must apologise to black people and tell the truth about how he cannot fight for land or the economy because he has sold his soul to Lord Robin Renwick who is the representative of British Imperialism.

“Groenewald knows that EFF is bought and tamed that’s why he can, in its presence, make such bold statements,” added the movement.

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Having said that, BLF asserted that “whites do not respect the rule of law or the constitution.” According to the party, whites can only respect the constitution if it’s protecting the land they stole from blacks.

“Whites will go to war to defend their ill-begotten wealth. That’s the simple truth. White settlers remain the primary enemy of black liberation in South Africa,” finished the movement.